The Perfect Bridal Accessory

Admittedly it may not be the first thing to pop into your mind when you are planning your big day, but a bridal bag is a must-have for anyone about to walk down the aisle. With a great range of beautiful bridal bags available, these are the perfect addition to any bridal outfit. Not only do they look stunning but also they hold everything you are likely to need throughout the day.

A gorgeous clutch bag is the most popular way to go, providing a classic look. An intricate, well-chosen design on your bag can really complement your dream dress or shoes; in addition, these pretty little bags can provide an extra talking point for the stylish bride who wants to make a big impact.

You may still think a bridal bag is not for you, or dislike the idea of carrying around a bulky bag when you are expecting to feel like a princess, but this is not what bridal bags are about.

Collections of bridal bags, such as those designed by Emmy London, are elegant, lightweight and beautifully hand embellished with beading and Swarovski crystals. Bags such as these are a real statement piece and can match your shoes or your dress, depending on your style. Your bridesmaids will be thrilled to carry your bag for you while you are busy!

Bridal Bags - A Must-have Accessory For Any Bride-to-be

Let’s Get Practical

It is absolutely your day – you will be the centre of attention and everyone will want to see what you are wearing and how you look. You will be doing all you can to look your best all day long, but where do you keep your perfume and lipstick?

In addition to beautifully complementing your look, a bag is the perfect place to keep essentials such as your makeup. This means you will be able to have a discrete little touch-up without anyone even knowing and without having to ask your bridesmaid or your mum to keep things safe. The up-to-date bride is probably also going to want her phone to hand to take a few private snaps to remember her big day by, but you won’t want to make a phone an accessory in its own right. Hiding your mobile away in a beautiful bag is the perfect answer.

A Treasured Memory

Another great thing about choosing an elegant, classic bag for your wedding is that it will be a treasure to keep. You can use it for dinners and parties throughout your marriage, where it will be just as stunning as at your wedding and will always be a great reminder of the happiest day of your life.