Being a professional photographer, if you really want to exercise your creative skill or intellect, then you need to go for a photo session with babies. Babies may be simply babies who start sitting or crawling, infants who only sleep or lie down or a toddler who is learning to walk. Every outfit comes with the three different stages of babies. Most delicate period is when the newborns lie down and sleep and it takes several hours to arrange the themes, make the babies sleep and do the photography sessions. The task should be given to a professional photographer instead of handing it over to an amateur one. They can give a fairy tale treatment to the baby photos with the perfect Photoshop work, post production, and create a package of remarkable memories and thereby fulfill their parents’ expectations too with the most appropriate and best photo props. Such tasks cannot be properly handled by any amateur photographer because it also requires dedication and patience along with the experimental mindset. It also includes risk taking activities which are shown in following different points:

  • You can decorate and cover the babies’ heads with colorful scarves knotted with high quality yarn for protection or soft and cute headbands which will make the babies look like angels or fairies. It will be one of the most suitable photo props for the shoot.
  • Hand woven baskets are available in different shapes and forms to suit the babies’ size for sleeping. To raise the comfort level, it is necessary to use suitable layers.
  • Furry rugs and blankets are the other essential items required for newborn photography. These elements are required as layers when babies sleep on the hand knitted baskets. You make the basket look like a toy cot, then put the furry rug and pillow cover into it to make the new born lie down and sleep. Blankets available in merino wool or other kind of fabrics definitely help in covering the necessary areas of the body. You can see the impact it gives when the photo shoot is taken. With some additional Photoshop work, one can see the photograph and get the feel of a paradise.

How The Best Photo Props Are Taken by Creative Photographers

  • The background wall with a suitable colorful touch, can add a dream like sequence in the infant photography. You can choose various backdrops made in poly paper, ultra cotton and premium vinyl. You can also select the different floordrops to make the situation more interesting.
  • Baby wraps are the most comfortable outfits for the newborns which are available in various colors and fabrics with funny things printed on them. You will be amazed at the after effects once the photography is done with one of these Photo Props.
  • Different color metal tubs can be used for creating the bathing session photography of the baby, with careful handling and look very colorful with some aquatic toys floating on water. During the photography moments, it is necessary to take the precautionary measures to avoid any kind of hurt or injury to the delicate baby’s body. Here the parental control is very much required to make the photography session successful.
  • Creating the natural surrounding as the backdrop, you can arrange a nest like ring, made of twigs and other materials and allow the baby to settle down on the soft layer or you can put the newborn into a tailored, bird like pocket and hang it in the tree branch carefully and see the photography effects.
  • You can also shoot other hanging scenes of the baby or the infant on a swing of delicately knitted materials and tying the swing at the two extreme ends.
  • In order to bring more creativity into a photography session, you can use the chocolate brown tutu costume for the toddler to slip into and look like a warrior with the backdrop of a jungle like theme with a grassy floor drop.

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