Running events are an excellent way to test your fitness level whilst being a solid challenge. Often, these events are held to support charities or other causes beneficial to those less fortunate. It takes a while to prepare for some of these events. You will need the proper equipment such as good running shoes, socks, the right outfits, and some sort of device for tracking your progress as you train. Fitness stores offer these items for you to purchase for training. Not every event is a race. Whilst some choose to race, you can also run at your own pace or even walk.

Popular Running Events For Charity and Fun

Charitable Events

As Mother’s Day approaches, many running events will be held in support of breast cancer treatment and prevention. Thousands will flock to these events with mother and daughter teams abounding. The Mother’s Day Classic is the most prominent of these events and will be held in several locations in Australia on the tenth of May. Hopefully, this will be a bright and sunny day with favourable temperatures.

The Mother’s Day Classic ranges from three kilometres up to eight, depending on location. The events will be held in Darwin, Tom Price, Ballina, and Jindabyne. There may also be other events for the occasion throughout Australia, yet these are the main spots for the Mother’s Day Classic. Do a simple internet search to discover other charitable events near your area.

Challenging Events

Aside from the charitable Running events, there are also those meant for a good challenge. The die-hard runner will find thrilling events. You can race to win or simply run to finish. Either way, the challenge and the thrill will test your mettle.

On the first Sunday of every year, there is the Summit to Sea event in Adelaide from the summit of Mt Lofty straight to Brighton Jetty. You have options between 14, 18.5, and 34-kilometre runs or a 14-kilometre walk, should you prefer a lighter pace. The best part of the Summit to Sea is all you have to do is show up, as there is no entry or cost. Of course, the next event will not be until next year, yet it is a good one to begin training for immediately.

For a bigger challenge, there is the Kurrawa to Duranbah relay race in Queensland. This event starts at 15 kilometres and tops out at 50 kilometres. You have 25 kilometres down and 25 back for a legitimate road race. This one is for runners in top shape, as many will be racing for the finish line. The date will be 13 December, 2015. This means you still have some time to prepare and get in proper condition.

One sloppy, challenging event which must be mentioned is The Mud Run. Held in Sydney, this event is a 7-kilometre race through muddy, slippery obstacles. It is certainly for thrill seekers and the date will be 5 December, 2015. Be prepared to get messy.

Get your gear in order for any of these events and set a solid training schedule. With the proper equipment from well-equipped shops coupled with the right training, you will be ready and eager to run.