For those of us with an already busy daily routine, it can be hard to switch up daily grooming habits and figure out which ones may need to be broken. Here are some top tips for which of your daily grooming habits can be thrown out of the window, and which might just be worth hanging on to.

BREAK: Using whatever aftershave you received as a Christmas present

Find yourself an aftershave that you genuinely like and stick to it. Try out a few, starting with the lighter scents and if they aren’t for you, moving on to try heavier ones. If you liked a particular cologne at the counter, and you still like how it smells on you after four hours of wear, you might just have found your new signature scent.

BREAK: Skipping the daily moisturiser routine

Moisturising every day will work wonders for your face. Find out what your skin type is and pick up a few products to trial, such as a face wash and a moisturiser, to keep it looking its best. For moisturising your body, if you truly need to save time in the morning then ditch the soap and get a good moisturising shower gel.

The Habits You Need To Break To Up Your Grooming Game

KEEP: Getting regular haircuts

This might seem like an obvious habit to carry on with, but as the trend for longer men’s hairstyles is here to stay, remember that when growing your hair you still need to get regular cuts as this will keep your mane manageable and looking healthy. For those that favour shorter styles, regular cuts will drastically reduce the amount of time spent on styling every day.

BREAK: Letting your razor go blunt

Keep your razor sharp! For best results, it is recommended that you switch your razor – or the blade cartridge – every 3 to 4 shaves. Blunt razors can wreak havoc on your face, and once they start to rust they can cause infections or even breakouts. There are razor subscription services that will deliver to your door the exact amount of replacement razors or blades that you will need every month, so there is no way you will run out of blades.

KEEP: Your personal style

When it comes to your daily attire: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If you like to wear suits then wear a suit, if you are more of a jeans and t-shirt combo man then work that style too. What is most important is that you feel comfortable in what you wear, so to raise your sartorial grooming game just make sure your clothes are clean and in good repair, and you’re set and ready to go.

Not all grooming habits need to be broken, but if you pick up a couple of new habits after reading this article then you’ll have not only upped your grooming game and improved your style, but you might also have just saved yourself time on your morning grooming routine too!

Content Written By Justin Little