Riding in a car, especially from a premium brand, enhances your standing in the peer group like no other thing. It symbolises that you have arrived and are part of that fortunate select group for whom the whole world is their playground. Having a car not only gives you the flexibility to manage your journey according to your convenience but also allows you to go to places where public transport does not go. Additionally, a premium car allows you to travel in both styles as well as comfort.

Travelling in a used BMW car in Delhi roads has a charm of its own. You will find yourself as the cynosure of all the eyes. The undulating profile of this car allows it to cut through the wind and lends it a unique personality distinguishing it from other competitors. If you buy a BMW you are guaranteed to a superior performance, high-quality comfort features and top of the line safety options. BMW has a varied portfolio for the Indian market that comprises of hatchbacks, sedans, sports car and SUVs. The sole representative of the sports car in the BMW portfolio is the wondrous BMW i8 model.

If you want to buy a used BMW car in Delhi, then few models can beat the charm of the BMW i8. Its unique design and a powerful hybrid engine give it an amazing combination of style and performance. Its lower silhouette allows it to cut the air more efficiently, thereby improving its drag coefficient significantly, making it very stable even at high speed. The front profile of this speedster is different from other BMW models. While the dual kidney-shaped engine grill does grace the front, it is much more compressed and is surrounded by a blue colour highlight which you will also find as graphic design below the side doors.

The engine hood is designed in such a way that it allows the powerful engine to cool down quickly as air rushes through specially made air vents on it. The side profile of this car is with its low-slung design makes this car one of the trendiest sports car in the market. Its designer 20-inch wheels and scissor doors improve upon its sporty appearance even further. As you walk behind the car, you will be struck by its designer LED lights, cool looking chrome plated exhaust pipes and a sloping windshield.

It has several amazing features to make the ride of passengers comfortable. As you enter this hybrid sports car, you will find yourself ensconced in a veritable bubble filled with some top of the line features that will pamper you like only a few other cars can do. This four-seater sports car is furnished with premium leather with blue colour highlights. The same blue colour highlights can also be seen on the three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, inside of the door panel and the dashboard. As far as the safety of the passenger and driver is concerned, the availability of several safety features, including airbags for front and rear passengers, ABS, etc., make sure that safety is not compromised at any cost.

The dashboard with a slew of digital meters and a layered design gives it a futuristic demeanour that allows the driver to look at the condition of the battery, fuel level and other similar important features at a single glance. Other important elements that make this car such an amazing machine include a powerful combination of a 1.5-litres petrol motor and a 7.1 kWh electric motor.

The BMW i8 model is a conscious effort by the company to take the first baby steps towards using renewable sources of energy without compromising the performance of the car in any way and with this model it succeeds in a big way.