To most people, transporting their house possessions and motor vehicles is easy as ABC. But when it comes to the boat transport service, people hit a wall. People are not aware of any boat transport services available; thus they deem it cumbersome.

This service may seem tedious and complicated but once you get the necessary preparations, it will be easy. One has to take their time before taking up the task. You should not jump into it at the last minute. A prior arrangement with the shipping company makes the entire procedure less daunting.

People find it difficult to ship boats to overseas nations due to the paperwork involved, the shape, and size of the boats. Each stage of the US – Australia boat shipping process has to be carefully planned so as it adheres to the guidelines in place.

Boat Shipping – Excellence Delivered

Benefits of Shipping with The US – Australia Shipping Company

The company delivers different types of boats using the shipping services that are most suitable in US – Australia. With this company, your boat will be collected from the seller’s location in the US, it will be shipped to Australia, and if you want it delivered to a particular place in Australia, the company has the systems and manpower to address all that.

The US – Australia shipping services include:

o For large yachts, there is a semi-submersible service

o For boat shipping, there is a Roll-on Roll-off service

o There is a flat rack or containerized shipping service

o There is on deck or Lift-on lift-off shipping service

Other Services Provided Include:

§ The company provides guidance for preparing your boat for the shipping process from The US to Australia. The personnel involved are going to build the boat cradles, measure the height, length, and width of the boat, as well as pressure cleaning services.

§ The deciding factor used to determine the mode of transporting your boat is it size. The size determines if the boat will be shipped via roll-on roll-off service, on the flat rack or inside a container.

§ There is additional information required by Australia’s Department of Transportation that the company helps you get. The information may include engine configuration, protruding parts, and information about boat trailer. With accurate information, you can get the permits you require from the Department of Transportation.

Why Choose US – Australia Shipping?

– The company ensures its customers do not run into any trouble as they ship their boats. The most common problem experienced during international boat shipments is getting transportation permits as a result of miscalculating the size of your boat. With US – Australia Shipping, this is not the case.

– Fumigation and pressure cleaning services are provided, and this ensures your boat is in compliance with Australian quarantine laws.

– Information about preparing the boats for the shipping journey is also provided. Often, the boat is winterized. These involve removal of the fuel and liquids.

– The company also provides assistance in customs clearance, shrink-wrap, export declarations, import permits for boat trailers, and marine shipping insurance.

– During loading of the boat, you can be assured that your electronic items, covers, batteries, cabinets, cabin windows, and latches will be given the utmost care. Also, all water sources and air-conditioners will be sealed.

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