Finding sugar-free baked goods that also taste great can be challenging. Still, there are quite a few sugar-free recipes for baked goods and that are tasty as well. So no matter if you’re diabetic or simply watching your sugar intake, here’s a list of delicious sugar-free baked goods that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Best Sugar-Free Baked Goods

  1. Angel food cake with orange extract and honey agave nectar. Honey agave nectar is an excellent sugar alternative because it doesn’t spike your blood sugar like traditional sugar.
  2. PBJ Cookies are made with stevia and honey agave nectar. These cookies are made with dark chocolate cocoa, peanut butter chips and dried cranberries which makes them sugar-free and healthy.
  3. Honey oat bread with whole wheat flour, oats and honey.
  4. Chocolate pudding made with coconut milk, pitted dates and baking cocoa.
  5. Sugar-free peanut butter cookies made with one large egg, vanilla extract, organic peanut butter, chopped peanuts.
  6. Tropical fruit bars naturally sweetened with mango, dried apricot and shredded coconut.
  7. Fig fudge brownies naturally sweetened by figs, dates and made with almond milk and cashews. These tasty treats are healthy gluten free and vegan-friendly.
  8. Raw zucchini bread truffles are naturally sweetened with dates and sweet potatoes. These delicious vegan treats are healthy and sugar-free.
  9. Harvest breakfast cookies are naturally sweetened with a dates, pumpkin puree and bananas.

So whether you are planning to replace cane sugar with stevia, honey, fruit, coconut sugar or another natural sweetener, there are many ways to avoid sugar and still indulge your sweet tooth.

And for those that you do not enjoy baking fear not, there are plenty bakeries that specialize in making sugar-free treats where you can purchase guilt-free goodies. For example, features a number of delicious sugar-free and gluten-free options for you to try.

Now that you know some truly delicious sugar-free baked good recipe you can try some at home yourself. And be sure to stop by to find an incredible selection of sugar-free cookies and brownies at fantastic sales prices.