SatNav devices and mobile phones with SatNav features have become essential part of the lives of the people no matter where they are and what they are doing. Using the SatNav devices has entrenched in lives to an extent that it’s difficult to go along without these devices that are among the first to be introduced for public consumption. This user addiction forced the smartphone users to introduce SatNav as a complementary accessory. However, with the universal appeal of phones, dedicated satnav tasks is comfortably carried on through smartphones. Dedicated SatNav Devices and Mobile Phones have become an inseparable part of our lives.

Google’s Innovation

After the release of update to the mapping service for mobile phones released by Google, android users started feeling that their handsets would be of little less use to them. Keeping aside talk the conventional mobile phones featured with SatNav, Google handsets were able to offer latest and updated information which included updated landmarks routing system. The latest buzz is that Google has started offering free and new updates to only the mobile phones that are compatible with the android operating system of Google.

If the improvement in terms of utility service is seen then it can be added that this, of course, is a remarkable development in the modern technology. Thanks to the web based technology, the new service can comfortably update the maps on a frequent basis whenever needed. Furthermore, Google’s car based android handset is expected to arrive with many innovative features in order to make user friendly devices. Consumers have always appreciated and demanded the dual roles that the GPS system plays.

Market Apprehensions & Critics

With this, the demand for the mobile phones along with the satellite navigation features has increased with time. If the market apprehensions are to be believed then such trends can affect the dedicated Sat Nav devices. Trend of Smartphones with appropriate and efficient SatNav features has arrived. According to the Critics, dedicated SatNav devices are comparatively more reliable than the ones that are based on the mobile ones. Mobile phones here are effective but only to a certain extent. It has certain limitations when it comes to offering satellite navigation.

Advanced Features of SatNav Mobile Phones

There are advanced models of the dedicated SatNav devices that are equipped with many exclusive features. These features include electronic encompasses, sensitive receivers, barometric altimeters and more. SD cards are also included in the list of features which helps in the storing of data. They can perform in skyscrapers as well as deep forests. Special features like rugged designs and waterproof compartments encourage the SatNav devices to act like suitable stuffs in poor weather conditions.

Sat Nav deals are not only used for travelling but also for many other purposes such as fishing, aviation, wildlife conservation and adventure sports. Large number of users is depending on mobile phone based SatNav devices. The least apprehension of the mobile phones with SatNav features posing threat to market prospects has faded and is finally expected to obliterate. Technology is driving really fast and this is one of the major reasons why you can see more and more consumer oriented products evolving in the near future in order to support satellite navigation.