Are you facing problems due to bees at home? If yes, then you might require some help in getting rid of them. Bees, tend to be aggressive and if provoked can sting you. So, you might need the help of bee removal services.

Reasons for Bees Invading Your House

Only the bee knows why they want to gatecrash your home. Of course, you cannot ask them, but only assume that they might be looking for a new home. If your home is buzzing with bees, then these might probably be scout bees, looking for new homes for nesting purposes.

bees on honeycells

Bees tend to migrate from time to time. The reason being their current hive is getting too large for the bees, which slows down the work of the worker bees. The older queen moves out of the nest with her followers and searches for a new home.

Though bees are harmless, the noise created by them can be irritating. If you have kids or pets at your place, then you might need the help of bee removal services. There are many companies such as, which offers a variety of bee removal services for their customers.

Adopting Different Techniques for Removing Bees

You cannot have the same treatment plan for removing bees. Bees tend to nest in all places possible. Fences, ground, tree hollows, roofs, chimneys, equipment and even bird feeders. Let us seeing the treatment options for some situations:

Nests in Ground – Purchase insecticides or pesticides to kill the bees and ensure you wear protective gear

Nests in Pools – Drain the water until the bees goes away

Nests in Trees – If the nest is inside the hollow, you might need to cut the tree and extract the hive and fill the hollow up with paper crumpling

Nests in Bird feeders and House – Call professional to remove the hive. Another alternative available to you would be to remove the feeder or bird house

Nests in windows, roof or chimneys – Use a pest spray or call professional beekeepers to remove the hive for you

Professional bee keepers will first asses the criticality of the situation and then propose the right action plan. They will have the necessary expertise and equipment to either kill or re locate the bees. Sometimes, they might even use smoke or fog treatment to flush out the bees.

Searching for Professional Beekeepers

If you are lucky, you might have an experienced beekeeper in your locality. If not, then you might need to put in a bit of effort and search for good and reputable professional bee removal service.

Ensure that you compare the quotes of at least two or three companies. Check for reviews about the company on blogs and forums and ask them about the services they offer. A better option for you would be to share the photo of the bee hive and ask for their opinion on the same.


The best way to keep bees off your premises is by keeping your surroundings clutter free. Sometimes, the best course of action is to leave them alone.