It is said, half knowledge about anything is very dangerous. When you are not aware of your legal system and have just the half information, it can be very disadvantageous and harmful. One of the most important things that you often get confused in is the difference between personal injury claim and worker’s compensation. You should know that both claims are very different. The rules of these claims also differ.  You should contact your attorney straight away when you get injured at your workplace to know the legal procedures. It is very important that you learn the key differences between worker’s compensation and personal injury claim.

Man worker laying on a floor, concept of accident at work

Worker’s Compensation Claim

When you are injured at your workplace, there are laws related to it that you should know. Injuries caused due to your work come under your worker’s compensation law. If your company has the worker’s compensation included in your claims, you can’t file any complain under personal injury against the company. To hire work injury lawyer, who will help you pursue your claim, click on

  • In worker’s compensation you don’t need to prove anyone’s fault. You enjoy its benefit without proving that how the accident occurred or whose mistake it was. Even if the accident was caused due to your fault, you will enjoy the benefits of worker’s compensation. Your ignorance and negligence is not involved and still get the compensation.
  • Under worker’s compensation you get weekly reimbursement, medical bills paid, and permanent impairment benefits. You don’t get any benefits for suffering and pain in this. Worker’s compensation is very beneficial for people who work at a job where there is a lot risk involved.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

When a person is injured on his job due to a defective or any alien product, he can use his personal injury claim against his employer or the manufacturer of product. These cases can be very complex and tough to handle. To deal with it properly and pursue the lawsuit, you will also have to hire an attorney who will help you with the lawsuit. They understand the difference between worker’s compensation and personal injury claim and are in the best position to tell you, which claim you have to go and what are the necessary procedures.

  • In a case of personal injury, you will have to prove that it wasn’t your fault unlike worker’s compensation case. For instance, you slip and fall on someone’s property you can’t simply claim them negligent and hold them guilty. You will have to prove their fault in the accident and how did the injury occur.
  • In the personal injury case, you can recover all the damage caused due to the accident including the harm due to pain and suffering, medical bills, lost earnings, medical expenses, and all the suffering.

Understand the difference between worker’s compensation and personal injury case. When you understand the dissimilarity, you will be able to fight the case properly under the respective lawsuit.