There are many reasons why we all seek to improve our qualifications, our training and our knowledge, and many ways of doing it. One of the best ways to improve our qualifications is to seek certification.

Certification opens the door to many more opportunities – doors you didn’t even know existed! It is a powerful statement about what you can do  and what you can bring to a job or a company.

A great way to gain your certification is through internal audit training courses. And when seeking a company to provide that training, it’s always advisable to choose Exemplar Global approved courses.

There are many benefits gained through successfully attaining Exemplar Global (RABQSA) certified Internal Auditor Training Programs, such as a listing on the Exemplar Global (RABQSA) website.

The qualification is also portable across different certification bodies and organisations.

The Many Advantages Of An Internal Auditing Course

Learn all about ISO 9001

The aim of the internal auditing course is to provide an understanding of the requirements of auditing and the various clauses of ISO 9001, and to qualify participants to conduct internal audits of management systems. There are no pre-requisites.

Your internal auditing course provides an introduction to the concept of quality and outlines the evolution of quality management systems. The various types of typical management system documentation is discussed, including mandatory requirements and possible exclusions from ISO 9001.

Action discussed in depth

Continual improvement, non-conformance reporting, corrective and preventative action is also discussed in depth including root cause analysis, the PDCA cycle and clauses of ISO 9001. The steps for conducting an audit are also discussed at length.

It is also necessary to know the responsibilities and aptitudes of potential auditors and their impact on the selection of an audit team. Process based auditing and sampling is also discussed, along with communication techniques, audit planning, the requirements for Entry and Exit Meetings, conduct of the audit and audit reporting.

All participants of internal audit training courses receive a Certificate of Attendance or, on successful completion of the course activities and written examination, participants receive a Certificate of Attainment.

Benefits and Advantages

The many benefits and advantages of certification include helping you earn credibility and respect in your field; opening up more opportunities for advancement; increasing your earning potential; proving your willingness to invest in your own development; demonstrating your commitment to your profession; improving your internal audit skills and knowledge, and building confidence in your knowledge of the profession.

An internal auditing course is suitable for many people, including key management staff for implementing ISO 9001, key personnel of organisations responsible for ISO 9001 implementation, and those interested in becoming ISO 9001 Lead auditors.

It is also recommended for those who require a detailed knowledge of the internal auditing process; those whose jobs involve assessment of suppliers; those who are responsible for managing the Quality Management System in the organisation, and those wishing to enhance personal competency in QMS and QMS Auditing.

Through doing an internal auditing course and gaining certification, an employee will become confident in planning and performing an effective audit, as well as reporting and taking corrective action. They will also build trust amongst colleagues and customers by delivering an effective management system that is compliant with the standard.

Tools for Driving Improvement

Internal audits are one of the most important tools for driving improvement in an ISO 9001 quality management system so it’s vital that a business has internal auditors who have the skills needed to properly review processes and records and identify strengths, weaknesses and potential problems.

To do this it’s important that internal auditors are properly trained to do the job.

The demand for ISO 9001 internal audit training courses is increasing every day. Businesses are hiring internal auditors to reduce the risks involved in running a business in our competitive world. Research has shown an increase in financial benefits for organisations that have been certified.

And it’s definitely going to be an advantage if you have passed an ISO 9001 internal auditor training if you work in a quality related field, such as quality assurance, quality engineering or even quality management.

With everything that has been mentioned, it is no doubt that ISO 9001 internal audit training courses are very important and a factor that can enhance your career as an ISO auditor, regardless of if you decide to pursue a long-term career, or if you simply want to gain experience and knowledge that can help in your current role in your company.