Many women love their husband or boyfriend. He is sweet, fun and has an interesting life, but there is always something to improve or something that should be different to him. Somewhat more surprising or more enterprising or more often at home and listening to you.

Raised with Disney, Barbie and very sweet parents it is true that real life can be rather disappointing. Happiness and pleasure in your relationship do not come when you change your friend or husband, men change little. It comes when you gain control over your life and enjoy what you have and do.

It is perhaps too much what is asked of many men by some women. They must be sweet and tough, neat and civilized, but also have a nice career. This makes many men a kind of insecure and go into the defense and become more distant. They become disappointed and angry because they feel that it is never good.

The cause of the conflict is that you want happiness, appreciation, recognition and love from your partner. While the only person you can change is yourself. Following tips are shared by an Indian matrimony site to help you improve your relationships.

1. Your happiness is not only due to your partner

The expectations of women about love are often very high. A great bond with a soul mate and a fantastic relationship full of fun holidays and weekends.

In the beginning of a relationship it can certainly be so, but if the chemistry and the hormones are quiet, then ordinary life begins and there are setbacks. It is not like in the film where the prince arrives on the white horse and then it is and remains a great relationship. The idea that happiness and a fine life come from your friend or husband and what he does makes you as a woman dependent on him and his mood.

2. Attempts to change it only make it worse

Trying to let him be the way he is; is much more effective than changing small things, paying attention to things that you would like to see differently in your relationship. Men are very sensitive to criticism and see it as an attack on their honor, they often do not respond and dismissive if you try to “help” them.

3. How you think about your relationship and what you say is very important

How you feel, what you say and think about your relationship influence your attitude and feelings towards your ex. If you always focus on the bad qualities and talk about it with friends, it will slowly affect your behavior and how you see your husband. Try to recognize those thoughts and not pay too much attention to them.

Improve Your Relationship? Change Yourself, Not Your Husband!

4. Enjoy your own life

Men find cheerful and happy women very attractive has shown research. Chaggy women with a negative appearance are not popular, maybe some men find them equally interesting but after a while they are bored. If you do what you enjoy, this brings out a lot of positive energy. Try to do something valuable for someone else. Then other people will appreciate you more and that is why he will see you more.

5. Also try to become emotionally more independent

Men do not like women who regularly come with emotionally charged information. You already secretly knew his men very sensitive and take criticism and even stories about others very personal and is not good for their self-confidence. If you want to be happier you will have to take control over your life and thus also with your emotions. Discover how you can lose your feelings and you do not have to fall back on all your problems, obstacles and woes to your husband. A relationship must be especially nice and nice, if you give that is also what you may expect back.

6. Help him

Accept that talking about emotions and expressing feelings is not very easy for him. So suddenly a conversation about you can overtake him and give a great feeling of impotence. You are so much further in this area than he is. You probably think about it more often and women are better at expressing what they want. Just tell him what you want; for example that he listens to you and will not help you. You can treat your husband a bit like a servant. You will also notice that if you clearly ask him to listen to your problems, you might do so every day. That question is also a possibility for him to adjust his mind to it.