America is always considered as the most free and upgrading nation of the world. People used to think that, this nation and its people are very broad minded about everything. Even The teenage people are also permitted to the various adult doings here. They are also permitted to have the driving license in a very early age and also have the permission of doing different kinds of jobs or financing work for their self earnings. Even they are also permitted to go on a date with their loving person and living separately with them. This breaking story was covered by .

Recently, America has shown another symbol of their broad minds.  The current president of America, Barak Obama, has declared that there are no surroundings of homosexual marriage from now. It will be considered legally if any boy wants to have a relationship with another guy or marry him, or any girl wants to do the same of her own gender, then it will be acceptable to all.  Even a law of homosexual marriage will be granted in the parliament house. This step and the homosexual marriage will bear the symbol of “Rainbow” and their theme will be “Love wins”.

Homosexual Marriage Decision In America

America wants to prove that, no matter you fall in love with our own gender or the opposite one, your love will be staying long and that will win all’s heart.

However, the homosexual people of America certainly overwhelmed with joy by hearing this news and declaration. They took it as a very positive thinking for their nation, society and also for themselves.  In various social media, also expressed their happy feelings with all and welcomed this decision as newness begging of America. In a word, by getting the   legal and social background, the homosexual people got a new dimension of their life.

But the other side, this decision of America also got very negative feedback among the world. Especially the Muslim world gives the most negative feedback and the worst compliments to this decision. They said that, in the Islamic religion, the homosexual marriage is strictly restricted, and this wrong decision of America will give a wrong feedback among the whole world. They also demanded that, if any Muslim got inspired by this   erroneous decision, he or she will have to suffer in a long run in this life and will get an unforgivable punishment after their death. So, they are suggested to stay far from this absurd decision. Even, in various social media and websites and news channels like cnn and msnbc  people used share in a variety of   unenthusiastic compliments with others.

Well, everything will have the both positive and negative feedback. But you have to try to find out the perfect one which is suitable for you. The decision of homosexual marriage is definitely a great beginning, but the real and upcoming impact cannot be predicted now. SO, you should for the high time and right decision. But you should not do anything which your brain, society or nation is giving you any kind of restriction.This story can be chased more at this website.