In a world filled with innovations such as Facebook, Google Glass and Spotify, it can be incredibly hard to recall the days of floppy disks, mobile phones the size of bricks and Walkmans. Similarly, paper-based archives that took up entire rooms were once the norm, but due to the advent of cloud computing, these space-wasting techniques have become largely obsolete. The term cloud computing refers to the use of numerous remote servers in the storage and provision of online data. Its benefits are widespread, allowing users to simplify their personal and professional endeavours. Read on to discover more about how it can help make your life that much easier.

1. Streamlining

One of the highlights of cloud computing is the ability to store a range of items in one, virtual place. Whether you are a business owner hoping to revolutionise the way your employees work or an individual who wants easy access to your data 24/7, storing information in the cloud means that your life can become streamlined instantly. Say farewell to old shoeboxes crammed with receipts, photo albums covered in dust and the veritable hoard of USBs that you have gathered. Everything is in the one spot, saving you time and potential headaches.

2. Secure Storage

Storing all your valuable documents in the one place may go against your instincts. What if the system is compromised? Will I lose all my data to hackers or a virus? Is information online ever really secure? These are all valid questions and online defence specialists are constantly innovating in order to create new products; Australian company Your Digital File is one such example. The Brisbane-based start-up unveiled its highly secure document protection service, based on its unique Cryptoloc technology, earlier in the year and targets users who require a high level of security for confidential material such as legal and financial documents.

5 Ways That The Cloud Can Make Your Life Easier

3. Cost Benefits

Several cloud computing providers offer a specific amount of space for free or at a reduced cost, which is a great option for those who are new to the technology and unsure about how much space they actually need. From then on, costs may vary depending on the size and level of service that you opt for but in most cases, the costs are relatively small in comparison to the benefits received.

4. Automated Back-ups

We’ve all been there. Halfway through writing an important proposal or piece of work, your computer crashes and as you realise you haven’t saved your progress, your world goes with it. While previously, you may have had to simply start again or only been able to restore the file via a series of increasingly frustrating telephone calls to your IT department, with cloud computing, your life is much easier. Automated back-ups mean that you get peace of mind from start to finish.

5. Stress-free Sharing

The swift and sustained rise of social media, as well as the continuing trend of globalisation, has ensured information sharing is a huge part of our personal and professional lives. From edited business documents to a trove of photos and music files, the process of sharing data is made easier by the cloud. Simply by allocating the relevant level of permission to your peers (i.e. view-only, view and edit), this enables them to instantly access and update files. Forget about annoying and time consuming email attachments that get lost in a haze of email threads; cloud computing is there to simplify your life.

What other ways do you use cloud computing? Have you had a positive or negative experience? Share your point of view and stories by commenting below.