Most have experienced the frustration of helplessly haggling with an auto-walla in Bangalore, while the rain pours into ones’ shoes. As the roads lose half their area to the overflowing torrents, traffic comes to a standstill and tempers flare. Two-wheelers negotiate the downpour in misery as dangerous potholes become invisible beneath the swelling waters. Taxi services disappear, and surge pricing ensures that basic comfort will come at an unfair cost.


A pedestrian is most miserable in the monsoon, as the novelty of this life-giving season dissipates with the evaporating patience and growing feeling of despair. If only the woes of public transport did not dictate people’s daily schedules, or what remains of it!

Not a Car Owner?

Everyone cannot afford the privileges of being a car owner. The mobility, privacy and freedom that come with driving one’s own car are unparalleled, and even the best cab services cannot make up for that. Car ownership may be out of reach for many consumers, but not the freedom and mobility it offers. Rent a car for self drive in Bangalore and enjoy the feeling of owning a car, minus the liabilities involved. The monsoons are a perfect stage to demonstrate how self-driving around town can save time and reduce mental stress.

Special Commute Plans

Office commute is one of the priorities during the week and adjusting to unreliable public transport can result in a lot of time wastage. When looking to rent a self-drive car in Bangalore, plans focused on office commute provide a great option. The cost-effective plans assure a minimum amount of free kilometres per weekday. Car-pooling with colleagues makes it an even more convenient choice.

Weekend Comfort

 The vagaries of Bangalore’s public transport can be another reason for people to shy against weekend travel, especially in the monsoon. Car rentals provide privacy and are perfect for a Saturday night out without any limitations. 24/7 on-road support ensures safety and security, something not quite guaranteed in a cab or auto-rickshaw.

Easy Bookings, No Liabilities

Modern car rentals like Zoomcar are adding a whole new dimension to urban logistics, blurring the lines between car ownership and self- mobility. With a choice of many car models, price assurances and easy app-based booking processes, renting a car is becoming a popular choice for those who seek comfort with no compromise or commitments.