Vacations are supposed to be, well, vacations. People who go on vacations to unwind often wind up staying so busy with a schedule full of activities that they miss out on taking the time to relax, have fun, and spend quality time with the people with whom they went on vacation.

There are some great activities out there that will get your heart pumping, help you unwind, and develop closer relationships with your vacation buddies. You don’t want to be so busy that you miss out on actually taking a vacation. One such activity is white water rafting. You don’t have to be a daredevil to try white water river rafting. There are different classes of rapids, and you and your friends and family can find a rafting trip for almost any skill level.

There are also guided rafting trips as well as self-guided trips and there are different sizes of rafts based on how many people are in your group. White water river rafting the ultimate vacation activity for making great memories.

Get your heart pumping

While forgoing the gym may be one of the things you are vacationing from, white water river rafting is a fun way to burn off some of the calories from all the restaurant food you’ve been eating. But you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realize it. White water river rafting involves paddling to keep up with the rapids and sometimes, trying to change your raft’s direction as fast as you can. There will never be a dull moment on your entire trip, if you choose to spend a day rafting.

3 Reasons White Water River Rafting Is The Ultimate Vacation Activity

Relax and unwind

With cellphones, tablets, and wifi almost everywhere, our overstimulated brains just need to “turn off the noise”. A white water river rafting trip is a great chance to leave the cellphone behind and just enjoy nature around you. Being able to focus on the cool water and the ever-changing pace of the river allows you to get in touch with your senses again and enjoy the moment. There’s no place to be and no schedule to follow; just paddle to wherever the river takes you.

Spend quality time with your friends and/or family

Sometimes it’s great to get away from all the busyness of everyday life and enjoy spending time with the people you care about. It’s easy to miss out on learning more about those you care about because you’re all so used to the same old routine. White water river rafting gives you the chance to accomplish something together as a team and give you memories to enjoy together for years. You might even make a new friend if you go on a guided tour. You will be very glad you took the time to share this new experience with people you care about.

White water river rafting can be the ultimate vacation activity. Get active, unwind, and build closer relationships by doing something that allows you to be in the great outdoors. There’s no place to rush off to, and no packed calendar of places to stop off at. You will come back from vacation feeling invigorated and refreshed when you try white water rafting!

This article was written by Ryan Thomas for Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting. Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting has guided thousands of whitewater rafting trips on Clear Creek and throughout Colorado.