Day 1

Enjoy Wine Tasting Event At The Botha Cellar Center

Worcester, South Africa is a land that is highly blessed with one of the sweetest vines in the whole continent. Why do not take a cellar tour round Worcester and discover greatly how the wine making process is carried out. During your tour make sure that you have done several wine tasting and discover to differentiate between the different types of wines. The wines available at the Worcester regions include; red wines (pinotage, carbanet sauvignon), white wines and sparkling wines. This gives you one of the five reasons to discover Worcester, South Africa.

Day 2

A Visit To Kleinplasie Museum

Explore the wonders of the natural beauty of Worcester, South Africa by visiting this great museum. The museum is located near the Breede river. It has a diverse agricultural history due to its locating near the river. Most the sceneries here include; wagons, ceramics and agricultural implements that were used back in the colonial days. The museum serves as a learning center for traditional farming methods and how household traditions.

It maintains network with the community to promote peaceful coexistence between different families and communities living in the region. This is yet one of the five reasons to discover Worcester, South Africa.

The 5 Reasons To Discover Worcester, South Africa.

Day 3

Playing Golf At Worcester Golf Course

Worcester, South Africa has probably one of the best golf course in the whole world. The course maintains the most attractive green fairways throughout the year. Playing golf here is more unbelievable as all genders are included even the females who are segregated in other states not to participate. There are luxurious golf hotels where visitors as well as locals are well accommodated in style. The services both at the field and at the hotels are just awesome. This is another reason why you should learn to discover Worcester, South Africa.

Day 4

Win Great Prizes Playing At Golden Valley Casino, Worcester, South Africa

This being the second last day of your visit to Worcester, South Africa why don’t you consider spending your time at the golden Valley casino in Worcester, South Africa. This is the most fantastic way to end your stay in Worcester, South Africa. This is one of the best casinos available in the whole of the Cape region and attracts more players from far and wide. It is located near the Breedie river where also the museum is located, The casino has over 200 slots where players can choose from.

The machine accepts money from as little as 2 cents to 10 Rands respectively. It has six tables that are located in a smoking free zone. The casino has some popular casino games including Blackjack, roulette and poker amongst others. The draws are conducted during the weekends and winners are awarded heavily. This gives us another reason to discover Worcester, South Africa.

Day 5

Enjoy South African Dishes

This perhaps being the last day of your tour consider treating yourself with the delicacies of Worcester, South Africa. This time round visit the Damas restaurant and request for favorite meal. They have all kinds of menus from buffets to five course menu depending on your preference. They are also known because of their extraordinary live music that rocks both the locals as well as the visitors.

After enjoying your meal and music you can now concentrate on your journey back home. Hope you have enjoyed your stay in Worcester, South Africa? Those are the five reasons to discover Worcester, South Africa.

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