School administration or school management is a hard task for the high officials. Every aspect of a school including the teaching staffs, the non-teaching staffs and most importantly the students has to be taken care of. In the recent times, this job of managing school administration is made a little easier. Thanks to the invention of different software programs! Different software is developed to take care of different spheres of student management in a school.

There are various software products in the market. Nowadays, schools have also started using them extensively. Want to know which administration softwares are perfect for ensuring perfect performance of a school? Here is a short list of diverse kinds of effective School Administration Software programs.

Administrative Software Solutions

Education Management Tools

This includes an easy and powerful education management systems completely based on the internet. Many institutions like nursing schools, museums, career education organizations, online education institution, universities, colleges, professionals training institutes, schools and many other such organizations are now widely using the Orbund solutions. Users get support of live chat. No matter what your need is, there is always a specified solution for it with this software tool.

Powervista Rollcall

RollCall program is specially designed for the educational institutions catering service to the adult learners. This software can be easily installed, learnt and maintained. This is completely a school administrative solution with in-built forms writers or reports and user-defining data. This is a highly flexible solution that can effectively support the unique needs of the users. This solution is also budget-friendly.

Schoolfront for K-12 is the school management online system for the K-12 schools. This solution can serve the needs of K-12 schools of all sizes which are capable of improving external and internal communication and institute’s operation as a whole. This online system has certain integrated components like an interface of school staffs for conducting school operations, classroom management and other activities, a brand school website, student information system and hosts of other related services.


This is a feature rich and intuitive solution offered at ultra competitive price and has concierge-level of service. This software solution is first choice for schools willing to slash down budget and make data-driven decisions. This is a unified solution where you get every data. This is the place where you can easily and quickly view all the critical data on student, classroom, personnel and the school. This is distinct in the sense that it saves money and time for a school and helps it to concentrate on other essential activities by eliminating frustrations.


This is a completely web based system designed for enrollment management and admissions. With the help of this software program, the Admissions team can spend quality time with the prospective families rather than manipulating and entering data all the time. This simplifies the enrollment as well as the re-enrollment procedure for school administrators and parents.

There are a number of administrative software solutions available at present for schools and educational institutions. These solutions improve performance and communication between parents and school.

Author Bio: Jeny Methews is an avid writer who likes to write blogs on Software’s. She has written many articles on School Administration Software. In this article she is providing the readers some valuable information on augment a school’s administrative work with administrative software solutions.