Magento is an open source ecommerce platform, offering feature rich, robust and extremely scalable options for any online business. What also sets it apart from other ecommerce environments is that it is extremely user-friendly and cost effective to build and deploy.

These benefits culminate in a powerful and constantly improving platform. When deployed within an optimised PEER 1 Hosting platform, Magento’s free to use, open source community creates a major opportunity for online scalability.

As the online marketplace evolves, invigorated by the advancement of mobile technologies, powerful cloud computing networks and an avalanche of consumer driven data, Magento’s community model offers a consistent option for continuous development and improvement of ecommerce websites.


1. Customisable – Community commitment to developing Magento aids customisation at all levels of design. Being able to tailor an ecommerce shopfront around the direct needs of users, open source developers can provide optimum and unique shopping experiences for their prime customer base.

2. Free – Magento community groups are open to anyone, free to contributions and supported globally. Free to download and deploy, they allow developers to understand how the software works in isolation or as an integrated service. As a no cost option it frees capital expenditure for bespoke developments and superior hosting.

3. Feature rich – The Magento community continuously evolves around online trends, marketing strategies and customer behaviours, through a rich array of free to use ecommerce templates, point-and-click features and plug-in options. Directly coded and maintained for community use by active Magento expert programmers and administrators.

4. Clean architecture – Continuously tested and tweaked, Magento is renowned for its clean architecture that is simple to download as new, or convert from an existing, ecommerce setup. Built with the end user in mind the open source nature of continuous development communities create a stable, reliable and ever ready ecommerce solution.

5. Aesthetics – Magento is renowned for its high impact graphical flexibility and ease of adoption. Its modular architecture provides the best ecommerce experience that is widely used by hundreds of thousands of businesses today. Community enablement empowers open source innovation that enriches every level of end user experience.

6. Flexible – As a community model of development, Magento is incredibly flexible for a straight installation or immediate upgrade of an ageing/under-optimised ecommerce website. With an abundance of extensions, import tools, product features and powerful database engine, Magento helps businesses respond quicker, administer, configure and develop their own brand of ecommerce.

7. Mobility – Magenta mobile has been developed to embrace the plethora of mobile devices flooding the market in recent years. As more consumers use smartphones and tablets to shop online, running a clean mobile experience is imperative. The Magento community inspires continuous development of all mobile requirements, both device and application centric.

8. Multi-store – As the leading ecommerce framework in the world today, Magento is used by many large online businesses with multiple sites and multinational stores to run. Built on the most powerful database integration engine and a robust multi-store support network, it facilitates online enterprise on a regional, national and international scale.

As a community inspired open source framework, Magento is an industry standard ecommerce solution. Modifiable to suit the specific development needs and design elements of any size of ecommerce operation, it is an extremely robust solution. It hinges on a community of users continuously supporting open source ecommerce programming and deployment around the world. For these reasons, the Magento community provides the best programmer oriented ecommerce platform available today.