As smartphones have become the lifeline of this generation, we are constantly striving to make it faster. At times when smartphone lags or just doesn’t respond as speedily as it should, it causes a lot of impatience amongst the users. This is when the user really considers selling his phone and upgrading it to a better version with the latest specifications that are available in the market. In such cases, users should consider selling their phones to reputed buyers such as Klymen (you can check them out here). Apart from that, if you don’t feel comfortable selling you smartphone, here is a list of do’s and dont’s that can considerably increase your smartphones performance.

Improving Smartphone Performance: Do's and Don’ts

1. Do: Charge Your Smartphone Completely

It’s always good to charge your phone completely. A full charged phone will always work faster and hassle-free. This also increases the longevity of the smartphone’s life span. A fully charged phone will also help you saving the time to charge it multiple times during the course of the day. Also if you let your battery drain out to the minimum and then charge your phone, it will cause hindrance while working with your gadget. Hence it is advisable to always take out time and let the phone charge to its full capacity.

2. Do: Memory Management Software

These days memory management softwares are easily available on the play stores and are very inexpensive and sometimes even available for free of cost. What memory management software does is that it defragments the memory space in your drive and hep cleaning up your storage without deleting much of your data. Also defragmentation helps in making your smartphone perform faster and is highly responsive.

3. Do: Clear Browser Cache

While we all love to surf the web through our smartphones, we must be careful and clear our cache memory from time to time. When the internet is being used for longer durations, a lot of browsing cache gets piled up the smartphone’s active memory. This result in two things, one being that after a period of time it will slow down the speed with which one can surf the web even after having the best of the data packs or powerful wifi connections. Secondly it also affects the overall performance of the smartphone. Hence one should always clear the cache memory at regular intervals of time.

4. Don’t: Update to the Latest Android Versions

The mistake that many users do is to upgrade their phones to the latest compatible operating system that is available in the market. But upgrading your phone does deteriorate the performance of your smartphone. The higher the version you upgrade the lower the responsive the phone is. Hence it is always suggested to run your phone on the inbuilt operating system to use it to its maximum potential.

5. Don’t: Run the Apps on Internal Storage

If you can see that your phone has become very slow and is responding very late in time, it is time to check the space available on your internal memory. The emptier the internal memory is, the faster the working of the phone. Hence one should always keep the external memory as the primary memory for downloading and running all the apps. Also when the data is stored in the external memory, the chances of losing the data also reduces.

6. Don’t: Keep Too Many Apps Running in the Background

Keeping too many apps open also affects the working of the phone. Sometimes we do close the app but forget that it might not appear on screen but it does operate in the background. Hence it is important to close all unnecessary apps and especially the ones that are used infrequently. This will ensure that only the necessary and current apps operate on the smartphone and ensure the smooth running of the phone.

With all these small day to day things, one can make their smartphone work smoothly and with a decent speed. If a little care is taken of the phone and its usage is balanced, the life span of the smartphone also increases.