So, you’re thinking about getting rid of your old cell phone? Doesn’t surprise me, because with the rate of development and innovation in mobile technology your cell phone starts to lose its luster and you immediately are tempted to buy the shiny new one with cooler features. So, what would you do with the old one now? If you have some geeky tendencies, then you’ll be able to tear apart the handset and reuse things like batteries and LCD screens. As it stands though, most of us are not geeky and so we don’t have the time or frankly the patience to dismantle our phones, so we tend to throw away our old cell phones. Selling your cell phones for cash is also a great option for recycling them.

Why throwing is not a good option?
Now you might wonder, it works for me and it’s convenient, so why isn’t this a viable option? The answer is not as cut and dry, though. It’s easy to dump it down the trash and move on but what you might not know is that your waste is just an addition to the tons of electronic waste that threatens the environment. Yes, your harmless little mobile phone has hazardous toxins that have a negative impact on the environment. This is the most important reason why throwing it away is not a good option.

Sell your old phones
What do you do with it then, if you don’t throw it away? If reusing it is not an option for you, then you should look into selling it. I mean you paid for it in the first place, didn’t you? Doesn’t throwing it away just feel like a waste of money? It is also a waste of resources if you throw away a fully functional or even a halfway functional mobile phone like a pair of old threadbare socks. By trading your cell phones for cash, you can not only keep it from becoming electronic waste but you may also redeem some part of the money you yourself paid to get it. This must sound like a good option, now.

How do you go about doing that?
Assuming that you’re at least halfway convinced to selling your mobile phone, you might want to know how you can do that. There are various mobile recycling companies that make sure the process is as easy for you as possible. Most of them provide ways that won’t even require you to get out of your chair. They’ll be doing all the work and you’ll get the money in return. Some companies will have you fill a few forms and then you’ll just have to wait. They’ll send you a packet that will contain information about how this works and how you’re going to get your phone to them. You might not even have to pay to bring your cell phone to them. In short, they do all the work for you, while you sit back and register to their sites and send your phone over to them. At the end of it all, you get money for the phone you were going to throw away.