Bangkok, being Thailand’s capital, is not only known for being one of the most visited cities across the globe but is also known for the rich heritage and happening activities that surround the city throughout the year. Many visitors sprawl in this beautiful city for enjoying the nightlife, visiting places bearing cultural values, experiencing some of the world’s most gigantic skyscrapers, and much more. All the people who visit this place always find a reason to come back again and relive the beautiful moments spent in this happening city again and again. Now, if you are a Fashionista and always love walking down the city markets for checking the best available dresses, accessories, and some elegant shoes then you are sure to love this city. Today, your personal travel guide will tell you why this city is a must visit for every fashion lover.

  1. The Weekend Market: Thailand is known for its rich market heritage and the tremendous Chatuchak weekend market is the king of all available markets in the country. Spread across an astounding 35 acres of land, this weekend market hosts around 8000 markets stalls and enjoys the patronage of over 200,000 visitors each weekend. The range of products that you will get in this market is sure to blow your mind. Be it fancy dresses to antiques, there won’t be one single thing that you can’t find in this market. You can get to buy various dresses that are designed keeping both the tradition and modernity in mind, along with some ritzy accessories and elegant pair of shoes. The best part is, you can get all of these at affordable prices, only if you know how to bargain. If you can’t wait to shop, just book your tickets and enjoy your way to Bangkok with Thai Airways. Not only your vacation but also your trip hours will keep sure that you are relaxed throughout.
  2. The never sleeping Chinatown: Bangkok’s Chinatown is a must visit for every fashionista. Whether you visit this place during daylight or after dusk, you will always find the streets filled with shoppers, food lovers, and many other persons. Both the sides of the road are occupied by stall owners where they sell their products. It won’t be incorrect to say, that this place is the biggest galore of both the food and the fashion world. You are sure to fill in your shopping bags from this place. The best part of this place is, you are always going to get something unique and worth buying within your desired price range. If you know how to bargain, then this is surely going to be a shopper’s paradise for you.
  3. Tailored Suits: When you visit this cosmopolitan, you will notice tailors sitting with their workbench in almost every street. If you manage to find some of the most prominent tailors in the city, you can land up getting premium quality suits at way more reasonable prices than you can ever think of. You can get some of the elite suits within a price range of Rs.3300 to Rs.7000. But if you want to benefit yourself from an eminent tailor then make sure, you have enough time on your hands, and you don’t pay him before getting your suit in your hands.  

Hopefully, by now, you must have started looking forward to planning your next trip to Bangkok.  You will surely love the place, as it is not only a shopper’s paradise but a lot more than that. Get your travel partner, Thai Airways, and fly your way to the beautiful city. The overall experience will surely make you want to visit the place again and again.