The everlasting rivalry between Android and Apple is not new to the users all around the globe. Every now and then you could find newspapers, millions of websites loaded with information about the latest dispute. Both the tech giants are trying their best to prove the superiority of one over the other. If you’re someone who is interested in learning how and when it all started and what was the most recent dogfight between the two, then this post can provide you with some useful data. Read further the excerpt to find out some interesting duels between the top mobile developers. Whatever may be the tussles between the two, the iOS and Android apps development is spruced up with sheer quality and customers can just enjoy it.

Apple vs. Samsung Billion Dollar War – An Excerpt!


The year 2010 was eventful for app developers all around the world as the two most popular platforms, Android and Apple started fighting against each other via different channels like media, courts, newspapers, etc. The first ever tussle that shook the app development space between the two giants was on patents. It was Apple that filed the suit against Android claiming it copied the patent. By then, Android has had a considerable market share and the trial happened over a long period. With both tech giants fighting out each to plant their feet on the app space formidably, the trial between them was red-hot and widely followed by millions.


Compared to 2011, the tussle between them was escalated with some heated exchanges from the Apple, as one of its directors revealed that Samsung has copied the complete patent of theirs and have release the products across worldwide. It even claimed that Samsung has to halt the product sales to other countries before a solution is reached. On the other hand Samsung replied strongly with the issue had been sorted in many courts and the allegations were baseless. But, by then, Samsung’s Galaxy device was sold like hot cakes all over the world. Also, this was the year when Apple started to believe there were glimpses of victory signs as the jury was convinced with Apple’s argument. However, the trial continued on and on, and was carried to the next year.


After two grueling years, Apple tasted the success with jury fining Samsung to pay $1 billion. This was eventfully Apple’s one of the hugest victories compared to other duels it confronted with. As the verdict was eagerly expected from all corners of the world, it was believed that the verdict could create a deep impact on the users of both the devices all around the world. However, nothing changed dramatically. A well-known Samsung spokesperson claimed that it would be a huge loss to American customers as they don’t have any other cheaper option with innovation and have to stick to iPhones of high cost. Indeed, this was really a blow to US customers as they were out of choice with Samsung halting the sales of device in US based on the Verdict.

Finally, Apple’s spokesperson revealed after verdict “We applaud the court for finding Samsung’s behavior willful and for sending a loud and clear message that stealing isn’t right (sic)”.

The duel between the two is renewed every now and then over various issues. The war over the patent moved on to designing, development, device release, marketing, etc. Despite the verdict, Android still has casted its magical spell on customers worldwide and it is the reason why it is the predominant platform in the mobile market space.

Whatever it is every duel and trial has brought in plenty of benefits to customers that use both the Apple and Android devices. So, the tussle between the two giants could be for a good cause as are highly benefited by every trial.