The latest gadgets and devices around us have been designed specifically to cater to our needs and make our lives more convenient. We need to adapt to these technological necessities so that we can move with the passing time. For this, we require to have knowledge of the devices and gadgets and their functioning. The following lines will help you to decipher newer ways to use your smartphone in a smarter and improved manner. These guidelines will also help you to buy time to engage in other activities instead of spending the entire time sending text messages, making the process a painful and undesirable one.

Time-Saving Technology Tricks For The Smartphone World 

Capital and Period Use in Text Messages:

While writing a text, you may have to write several sentences and need to pause them with periods, restarting each line by pressing the “shift” button for capitalizing the first letter. You can try a convenient method for saving time. Double tap on your phone’s space bar and the period gets added with the next letter in a capital case for writing. This tip will surely ease your testing process and make it a lot less time-consuming and painful. 

Dialing for Redial:

Say you have just given a call to a person whom you need to call back right away. You will have to go back to the “Recent Calls’ list and choose his number for calling. You do not have to go through this lengthy process anymore. All you need to do is press the “Dial’ button to retrieve the recent list, and a second tap will dial the person’s number.

Continuous Input: 

Sometimes it gets difficult to keep tapping during a text message. The continuous input option helps you to slide your fingers for entering the text across the keyboard. This feature is, however, specifically optimized for the Qwerty keyboard based smartphones.

Word Highlighting Tip: 

There are many who are used to sending text messages for communication. At times, they need to highlight or copy or remove words within a text. A general option would be to scroll back, find the word and press on your smartphone’s screen for enabling the option of highlighting, and going back to the text to highlight the sentence or word that you want to be highlighted. This is too long a process. The following tip will help you highlight in a faster way. You will need to double tap on the required word for highlighting it on its own. For deleting two or more words, you will need to double tap for highlighting one of the words and then drag it onto others, followed by a space bar tap. There are some smartphones that provide paragraph highlighting by ‘triple’ tapping on the paragraph.


These tricks will help you to complete your work faster, giving you spare time for other activities, as well. As technology keeps advancing with time, people look for using it in a more convenient way. Learning a few tricks will further the cause of comfortable living.

Smartphones are chic and very much in vogue. However, there are many things about the phone that one still needs to know. The writing discusses how to text messages in a more convenient way through smartphones.

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