App, like a strong interaction too is a well – known for a while, however still it isn’t quite discovered question of app marketing.

So, at start you should find out answers on the following questions:

  1. What are the key benefits of app?
  2. What are the main audience of your app?
  3. Whether app plays an important role in marketing your company or it does not influence hugely?!

More and more people use app to know company’s  activity better and evaluate business through this. It is well- known, that around 90 % of European and Asian countries go through website through app, downloading it and using it instead of usual desktop.

ProvocationDigital, company, which provides generally digital marketing, website building and brochure design services, decided to find out more about app marketing and it’s role in today’s business world.

The nearest goal of app marketing is to deep the linking concept, so the content of app could be visible in the google search results.

Keep app as easier in structure and navigation as possible, which will directly influence on quantity and quality of visitors.

Spreading information about your app through your friends and colleagues, publishing interesting content through an app, sending app- pushing messages directly help in expanding its visibility and popularity.

App optimization:

  1. App name: create easy and attractive both for Google search result and visitors.
  2. App description: don’t forget to include competitive keywords in app description, which will plays direct role in app’s visibility in GSR.
  3. App video: video became one of the leading marketing tools during the last year, so don’t forget to use it as an effective tool to boost your business activity.

And please remember: you cannot relax when thousand of apps appears each month, so don’t forget to optimize it and improve it as often as our digital time it requires.