It was a few years back when Microsoft first introduced silverlight development services. It was the latest Rich Internet Application, from the Microsoft group. Since its inception, this platform has it all. If you go by the recent statistics, Silverlight has grown into nothing less than a matured platform. It’s all in the magic of Silverlight development 1.0 version. This programming model was solely based on the JavaScript and XAML platforms. However, if you are going for an enterprise application, then JavaScript might not be a good idea to work on.

This first version was meant for media-centric packages. But the 2nd version came with certain twists. It now took the shape of promising developing platform for line of business, which is better known as LOB. The promising change lies with coding in the .net platform, instead of going for the JavaScript.

Going for the data

Whenever you are planning for business-centric developments, data is the first issue that crops up in your mind. You cannot deny the fact that data is king over here. And Silverlight development always runs on clients’ side. That’s what makes it such a friendly choice for all. Here, data is known to have been staying in the database, working on the server side. But, if you go by the silverlight web development, then you are going to look for the finest approach to business development. And the best part is that you already have .net support from this sector over here.

Furthermore, developing temporary database can prove to be a bad choice. That will unnecessarily take up some of your space. In that case, Silverlight is a great choice for silverlight developer, as it does not have any client-side database, at all. However, if you want, you can easily add a servicing layer on top of the database. This service layer will work in establishing a connection between databases through a business layer. Now, when it comes to the client side, Silverlight will be able to get associated with these services and can procure accessibility to data.

Silverlight connects well with services

The points mentioned above are enough to prove that Silverlight can always connect the client data through positive business lines. You can easily consume this application for magnificent types of services. Some of the examples are net.tcp and sockets. It can work as promising news, especially of you are trying hard to add silverlight we application development to the already existed technical stack of your current enterprise. These services are more or less the same, which you use for other application types.

If you go by this programming platform’s point of view, then you will notice that working in WCF and ASMX are more or less same. Your default choice will be WCF, of course. It can always help if you are trying to implement your said service. For that, your first step will be to define the service and more about it. 

Extended form of controlling set

Whenever you are trying to work with the silverlight development company, you are likely to come across so many interesting packages. It further has extended versions of controlled sets. These sectors comprise of some simplified versions of controls like Textbooks, buttons, and some combo boxes. If you are lucky enough, you might come across some advanced controls too. Some of those examples are a rich text box, data grid, and even media element. These are available inside default install package. And with some latest developers, Microsoft keeps on adding more controls for better purposes.

Just for you better service, Microsoft has recently created the control toolkit for Silverlight. You have to use it for silverlight game development and a better one too. Here you are about to come to a cord extra pair of services and controls. These are all open sources examples are meant for the free package through code plex. You can see that this package is updated quite frequently with the regular releases.

Going for the printing possibilities

Now, if you are wondering to take help of the printing possibilities relating to silverlight application development, then you better contact experts for help. It is no doubt a better-requested platform for all types of business requirements. And thanks to the latest 4th version of Silverlight, you can easily print directly from the said platform.

With the help of said API, you can easily indicate the areas, which you want to be printed. It can be anything from the entire screen or even the generated content, which came out as a dynamic report. So, it will be easier for you to create a report with silverlight development. For this reporting solution, you just need to have the Silverlight 4 version, and you are good to go. Furthermore, you can enjoy the combination of controls, readily available in the toolkit. Among these, the rich chart is often used. Always try to get the best help from reputed silverlight developers, around here.