Customer satisfaction has never been more important and businesses worldwide are adjusting their business model to match the high standards customers establish. The only way for companies to flourish in this hypercompetitive environment is to find the best sales force automation solution on the market that would re-organize their business processes to discover a new level of efficiency. Customers are the lifeblood of any business, which is why every business needs to take special care of their precious customers by monitoring, managing and nurturing existing and potential buyers. At the same time, your salespeople need to make sure that all of their efforts are aimed at the right direction, as they identify the key decision makers. As your business progresses and the customer base grows, your sales team will inevitable face many unforeseen challenges like fragmented customer data or longer sales cycles. However the automation of the sales process enables various businesses to be truly efficient while making the sales cycles shorter.

sales process automation

Advanced automation software that is developed particularly for salespeople can minimize the majority of the monotonous tasks, letting your sales team do what they excel at – communicate with customers selling the products or services. Let’s take a closer look at some important benefits your company will receive after they adopt a sales  process automation solution for your sales professionals.

More time for the most profitable customers

Every sales representatives needs to deliver a very personalized approach to each customer. However, the majority of sales reps cannot concentrate on potential and existing customers as they need to dedicate a lot of their time to do the most monotonous task like email follow-ups, cold calling, tracking contacts, arranging meetings with customers and so forth. All of these activities are essential for a well-organized operation of your sales team, but they obviously take up too much of sales professional’s time. Recent studies reveal that only 30% of sales time is spent actively selling and the rest is dedicated to various administrative functions. In order to increase that figure, you need to free your salespeople from doing these routine tasks. Your sales reps time is very valuable and you should not let it go to waste. Fortunately, the deployment of a cutting-edge automation solution like save your sales reps time as it automates these grueling operations, which makes it easier to keep their focus on the most important selling activities – communication with buyers.

Sales process automation improves efficiency

The ability to get an actionable insight on each of your contacts is one of the many benefits that sales process automation offers. For example your salespeople can monitor the progress of each opportunity as they evaluate the profitability of each client, the amount of time that is spent negotiating with each potential buyer via various communication channels and the results of these interactions. Advanced tools for excellent contact management also enable your sales team to track customers’ geography, company size, purchase history and various noteworthy events. You will be able even extract additional information from different social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Having such a comprehensive view of your clientele, you will be able to target your selling effort more precisely and offer the products or services to your customers in accordance with their needs and preferences. Moreover, your salespeople do not have to be tied up to their offices, as many sales process automation software vendors offer efficient mobile app for your sales team to access any relevant analytics report or a presentation regardless of sales rep’s actual location. Taking into account how much time your reps spend in the field negotiating with customers, having mobile sales automation app at your disposal is exceptionally important. That way, your team will have all required information literally at their fingertips.

3 Reasons To Invest In Sales Process Automation

Make your customers satisfied

Customers are the source of company’s profits and the lifeblood of any business. That is why, companies need to pay extra attention to retain existing customer. However, the majority of businesses are concerned with attracting new ones instead, which consequently results in different customer experience for both of these groups. Nowadays, customers do not give out second chances too often and switch vendor almost immediately if they were not satisfied with the quality of customer service. Obviously, a client who has had a positive customer experience is more likely to become a regular customer. If your company wants to create a community of loyal customers, you will have to manage each inquiry or a complaint on a whole new level of personalization. You will be able to minimize customer attrition and maximize customer retention. Once again, having a 360-degree overview of your clientele enables you to properly process carious cases of current customers and create new flows of profits. Sales force automation aid in collecting the necessary customer data from all customer-facing teams and channels this information to the right person in order to resolve the issue in record time.

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