Why Should One Have Egg Every Day?

There are a lot of misconceptions around regarding egg. Most of us think that we should not eat eggs everyday because it might cause increment in cholesterol level. In this article we shall describe a lot of reasons that will discard all the misconceptions regarding egg. The egg contains very high percentage of nutrients than any other food items but it will provide you less calories for the same amount of calorie than other food. On average any egg gives you around 76 kilocalories and a banana will give almost 95 kilocalories but less nutrients. Eggs are considered as whole food because they do not only provide you with a lot of protein, but also a considerable amount of other important vitamins like A, B, C, D and E. That is not the end of list that you will get from an egg. Eggs are also a source of several essential minerals like iron, zinc, selenium and phosphorus. Vitamin D is something that can be found in very few food items and egg is one of them.

The egg yolk is the most prudent source of vitamin D. In the human body, it is very difficult to absorb calcium that makes our bones strong and vitamin D helps the system to absorb calcium in the body. You will find unsaturated fat that is healthy for everyone. The primary source of fat that can be found in egg is monosaturated fat and as per medical science it helps to bring down bad cholesterol level and increase the level of protective cholesterol. The body cells are full of choline. It is very essential component of cell as well as for the development of the brain in the initial stage of life. There are two components that can stop ageing and both of them can be found in egg. Zeaxanthin and Lutein are the most important components that not only prevent ageing but also keep you away from cataracts. The egg contains both the components and hence it becomes an ideal food for everyone especially for aged people. The egg is also rich with Selenium that takes care of your tissues.