According to goals that we have established, all of our physical exercises should be reflective of our goals. We shouldn’t get caught up in doing things wrongly, such as adhering very strictly on just one training philosophy or methods. We should always be open minded and research things thoroughly. Quite unfortunately, we may make various mistakes:

  1. Focusing only on our strengths: Human body is a kinetic structure that is as strong as its weakest links. It is very easy to focus too much on our achievements and strengths. On the contrary, we should target our weakness areas. For some, it could be our core muscles, we may lack mobility or unable to squat properly.
  2. Don’t pay attention to our own body weight: We should be the master of our own body weight if we want to reach our physical potentials. Without proper body weight control, we may be able to do basic exercise movements, such as burpees, walkouts, bear crawls, rotations and chops, planks, pull-up, push-up, bends, bridges, steps, lunges and squats. These simple movements can be a challenge for people with higher body weight. By having proper weight, it is possible for us to complete movement at all possible planes without lack of flexibility or strength.
  3. Do only what we like most: A simple philosophy in exercise is to do things that we don’t like the most. This allows us to make progresses physically and get out of our comfort zone. Incorporating such training can be quite difficult for the unmotivated. However, it may yield the best progress.
  4. Trusting myths and misconceptions: There are many myths that relate to physical training. We should always question everything we may hear or read on the media in regards to physical training and exercise. We should always make sure that information we listen to come from professionals in specific fields. They should also have reputable certifications and degree to validate information. This should reduce the chance that we get misleading and false information.
  5. Monkey See, Monkey Do: We often do something, just because others do it. Just because people do specific method, program or exercise, it doesn’t mean that it will be effective or useful for us. Everyone has their own complexity and diversity, so they need to do specific things to reach their goals. It means that we need to perform proper training to meet our goals, not just doing things that others do.
  6. Wrong partners: We may choose partners with different workout goals. While this is still acceptable, some training partners may not able to motivate us to reach new physical goals. Good partners should always constantly challenge us and encourage is to push forward and achieve new goals.
  7. No continuous progress: We should always try to make improvements in all areas, including endurance, flexibility, balance, agility, speed, power and strength. If a method doesn’t seem to work, it is important to look for other approaches. We need to challenge ourselves constantly.