It’s an inclination that strikes every one of us at some point or another, in spite of how frequently you’ve voyaged or how old you are. the yearning to go home. 

The days spent away from your homeland start to wear on you sooner or later and you start to yearn for the nostalgic commonality of your old bed, your mother tongue (even when you move to a county where the locals speak the same language as you, it’s not uncommon for travelers to miss their home town’s own unique accent), your friends, your family, your beloved doggy, etc.

How To Avoid Homesickness While Living Abroad

With all of that in mind, how can you keep yourself from succumbing to that dreaded homesickness when you’ve been away for a very long time?

Here are a few simple tips that’ll make things a lot easier.

Don’t give in to the temptation to surrender!

Terrible things happen constantly, both at home and out and about, and there’s generally nothing you can do about it. I remember when I was backpacking through Europe, there was one specific day in Budapest where I had gotten separated from a guided walking tour and got lost in an unfamiliar city. It started to lash rain and I felt like I needed to cry, as overly dramatic as that might have been. When I did eventually find my way back to my hostel, all I wanted to do was go back home to the safe familiarity of home. While I could have booked a flight back to Dublin the very next day, I gave myself some time to regain my composure and reboot before continuing on with what turned out to be an incredible journey. Which brings me to my second point…

Appreciate the solaces of home.

While you would think that this would just make pine to go home even more, you’d be astonished at how much a little bit of familiarity can do wonders, particularly when you’re away in a place with a very different culture to the one you grew up in.

For me, it’s watching some of my favourite TV shows (downloaded on my lap top’s hard drive) and going overboard on Irish snacks sent from home. For you, it could be to cook yourself one of your most loved suppers from home such as a flame broiled cheddar sandwich (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!), stream a football match on your computer or go see a movie starring an actor from home (for me, I like to use Colin Farrell in this capacity). You can also seek out fellow travelers from your homeland. With the internet, it’s easier than ever to meet up with like-minded people from your homeland. Facebook, for example, has lots of groups set up for just this sort of thing.

Hang out with the locals. 

Divert yourself from the nostalgia by making new companions. Make an inquiry at your lodging to see what the other patrons are doing. Another way of meeting up with local people in a relaxed and fun environment is through sites such as CouchSurfing or Mealsharing. Look at a the local daily paper or website to see what free-to-attend occasions or celebrations are taking place in your locale and get yourself out there and mingle!