Emails are a good communication tool in any business sector, you can communicate easily with clients with the help of email, you are too busy with checking emails, You don’t know where to turn, your appointments are linked, your to-do list gets longer and emails desperately accumulate in your inbox. Welcome to the daily lot of employees overwhelmed! If you’re going to effectively manage your email.

Here are super-effective tricks that will help you manage your emails in 5 minutes

Plan Consultation Emails

Do check your emails at specific times throughout the day. Try to limit these times to 4 or 5 “mails breaks” a day. If you can’t control yourself, use a trick like Inbox Pause to prevent your emails from appearing stealthily on your screen.

“Sent from My iPhone”

You must respond urgently to certain emails? Add the words “sent from my iPhone” as a signature, even if you answer from your computer. Without making it a habit, This type of practice will allow you to formulate responses of a sentence without your recipients will take offense.

Clean Out Your Email Account Regularly

At least once a year, on a regular basis to check your emails manually, But often if you are a heavy user. You need to delete old emails. Then download non-critical email to the local files in your system. You no longer need to hand and Archive old email.

“I quickly Occupies”

The more you answer, the faster you can afford a short answer and you will have less time to waste with “sorry for the late response” and further explanation of the genre. If you can’t quickly respond to an email, answer at least a quick “I quickly occupied!”.

Focus on your to-do List

Avoid checking your e-mails as soon as you arrive at the office. You could lose sight of your goals for the day. Finish first priority tasks from your to-do list. You will be more available to focus on your email and you will feel that they have also made progress in your own work.

Use Made Answers

Prepare a document setting made ​​answers, To avoid wasting time retyping the same answers tirelessly. Provide answers according to categories of recurrent mails you receive, questions that are asked. You will just have to copy and paste and adjust somewhat the form (the name of the company to which you are speaking, your recipient’s name etc.).