For around 43 years now, the Singapore Zoo has made headlines as being one of the most beloved zoos with beautiful sceneries, where animals are kept in a naturalistic habitat.

Singapore Zoo: A Perfect Family Day

The zoo has scooped awards over the years, already being a nine-time winner of Best Leisure Attractions Experience by the Singapore Tourism Board. It records a somewhat wonder number of more than 2,800 animals, all from different species of mammals, reptiles and birds.

What makes the zoo a perfect holiday destination?

The zoo has incorporated special viewing features like elevated platforms for giraffe viewing as well as underwater galleries to see animals like hippos and otters. The inclusion of glass observations allows for the safe viewing of animals like the cheetah and lions. These environments have been carefully structured to mimic the real wild habitats in terms of likeness.

The zoo is about 26 hectares in size and is located within the lush Mandai rainforest that extends to the Upper Seletar Reservoir.

The zoo provides the following services on a first-come-first-served basis;

  • Wheelchairs – Wheelchairs come in handy for guests with special needs
  • Strollers – Strollers are provided for infants and toddlers at a small fee.
  • Wagons – Wagons are availed for toddlers to be pushed around in .
  • A tour guide tram ride – The tram ride is available to all and offers a slow-paced tour around the zoo.

The zoo has a ‘Kidzworld’ section where children are kept busy with activities that help in satisfying their curiosity. There are plenty of activities for young children to indulge in. Whether they want to splash around in a watery playground, spend quality time with farmyard animals, take rainforest challenges, visit the residents of Kampung or have wild animal carousels rides, the zoo has plenty of things to be seen and experienced.

The Kampung House

This is a house within the zoo built in an old-fashioned way that harbors pets, cockroaches, mice and more. Kids are encouraged to explore every corner of the house, open every drawer and basically leave no stone unturned. The house offers a display of animals, vintage furniture and household appliances.

Farm animals

Singapore Zoo: A Perfect Family Day

Children can head to the stables and enjoy pony rides or choose to learn more about the animals. They can be taught about the characteristics of various animals and what sets them apart from their counterparts. There is a pet corner where children get the chance to cuddle with rabbits of different colours, age and sizes. Goats are also present; kids get a chance to pat them as well.

The wet Play Area

The Rainforest Kidzworld feature includes a watery wonderland for children of all ages. The watery wonderland is not only limited to children as parents can join in too. The place has been built in such a way that it is impossible to keep yourself dry. The inclusion of a jumbo water bucket creates a water downpour on the crowd at regular intervals along with other surprises like snaking water shooters, rain arches, tower showers and hidden floor fountains make the experience worth the while.

Other facilities found in the park

  • Shower facilities – The shower facilities keep the children fresh after every vigorous play.
  • Availability of lockers – There are lockers located strategically for children to keep their belongings safe.
  • Nursing rooms – The zoo has plenty of nursing room facilities that offer first aid services to everyone. The first aid station is located at the main entrance of the Rainforest Kidzworld. Nursing rooms are available at;

                             Rainforest Kidzworld

                             Reptile garden

                             Main entrance

  • Gift shops located in the zoo – Children can get a wide variety of toys from the gift shops located in the zoo. From dinosaur figurines to animal dolls, kids have a lot to expect from the gift shops.
  • Diaper changing facilities – The diaper changing facilities are offered at;

                            The zoo entrance

                            Wildlife learning centre

                            Reptile garden

                            Pavilion by the lake

                           Rainforest Kidzworld

                           Ah Meng Restaurant

The Singapore zoo is a one in a million place to take your family for a holiday. The services offered are the top drawer, with professionals working around the clock to make sure that you and your family have a memorable holiday together.