One of the biggest costs of a trip is to buy airline tickets. The crisis, environmental problems and rising oil prices are increasing every day prices. Find a cheap flight is essential to balance the cost of your trip.

Ultimately the success of the companies low-cost flight is indisputable, is that thanks to these companies can travel more for less money. But traveling with these companies required to comply with numerous requirements.

And they are very strict in compliance with its rules, for example in baggage, and in the case of some of them subject to a surcharge on the cost of the trip. Use Internet search engines or buy it directly to the airline. Today we will talk about some considerations to take into account low-cost travel.

Unaccompanied Children

If you intend to send your child traveling alone during the flight, be aware that some low-cost airlines do not allow children traveling alone. So you should consult the rules before you buy the ticket.

Hand Luggage

Hand luggage is usually very strict. You must comply with standard measures. When you check the measures, if you pass, you will do check luggage, and therefore charge you extra. In addition, also they tend to a maximum of kilos, but usually not weigh it. Finally, note that some companies leave only one carry-on bag at most and also allow other bag man or woman.

Checked Baggage

Baggage bill must go to pay. They paid for suitcases and kilos. And if you go over kilos they will charge an extra, usually exaggerated.

Food on Board

On board the plane provide drinks and meals, but also all charges. As usual, on airplanes these are expensive, so you might want to bring some food from home or eat somewhere when you reach the destination.

Priority Boarding

Most companies accept the priority to families with babies and disabled, but some do not. Check it before, you may prefer to pay a little more to have priority boarding and seating assignments.

Boarding Passes

If you do not want to be charged extra it is better than print out your boarding passes at home and take them and ready to pass control of the airport.

Now you know some companies to help you travel in low-costs, but remember to check the rules well before booking and traveling so that you have bad unexpected surprises, because the rules vary according to the companies.