Have you ever been in a situation that you are needed to take down notes and finding out that you do not have any paper and pen? Most of us today especially teenager not comfortable or it’s not convenient to bring paper and pen, while most of us today owned a Smartphone, the  fact that this is one of the perfect note-taking gadget that you bring conveniently wherever you go.
5 Fabulous Note-Taking Applications For Smartphones for Free
As far as note-taking apps for Smartphone is all about you can find a number of varieties in the market today. All of them are packed with useful and great features that allows the user to better organize their notes and the good thing is that most of the app are able to work in multiple platforms let the user to take and sync note everywhere they go.

Here are 5 free fabulous Note-Taking applications for Smartphone:

1. Catch Notes

Catch Notes is a one of the best note-taking app for smartphone in the market today; this app (netspysoftware) allows the user to capture ideas and discoveries athwart all your gadgets and when you’re ready just simply turn on your ideas into action with colleagues and friends trough simple mobile group effort. Moreover, this app allows the user to sign in using their Google and Facebook account and allow creating a text notes, photo notes and even voice notes.

2. Evernote

When it comes to note-taking perhaps Evernote is the first and the best app that will comes first into your mind. Evernote is available on various platforms such as Windows Phone, iOS, desktop, Web and Android. As well Evernote allows you to sync your notes on different platforms and access to all your notes regardless of the device you own or work with.

3. SomNote

This note-taking app is very handy and user friendly that allows the user to create various notes with the option to attach documents or media files. You can store your files through multi-colored folders, and if you’re a kind that needs to store a large number of notes, SomNote provides a 100MB of free cloud storage to every account.

If you have an account this allows you to sync all your notes on any gadgets run with SomNote. As well this app gives you a total access to different compounds of saved notes if in case you spoil the most up to date one. For security reasons you can encrypt all your notes with a 4-digit password.

4. Spring Pad

Spring Pad is not just a note-taking app but it also a bookmarking app. It is easy to get start just simply register with Twitter, Yahoo, Google, or Facebook account. This also allows you to create few notebooks or folders to organize and differentiate all your notes. As well you can customize your notebook with tags, categories, and colors, and to set privacy options and many more.

5. Fetchnotes

This app is a blessing to all who loves to use hashtags in organizing their notes. Moreover, Fetchnotes allow you to put a number of hashtags in every note you create. You can pull your notes up by simply tapping on the hashtags you want.