The pair filed documents in a website can have the data that are already filled.In this pre filled document, this can have the all information that is already present inside the form and also this can create the shortcuts for the our users. The contact us form can be used by it so that we have no need to type it manually here. If you want to include the form in the web then you have to do the some modifications in the HTML (hypertext markup language) code.

Here we have to build a list of emails and on the your blogs there must be the some comments left when you see it. Now I have started with the WordPress internal features and learn that how to make the use of it, how to implement it on my blogs as well as the all subscriber base can be implemented here and increase it.


To get the Shortcodeexec PHP plugin:-

For this you have to firstly login to the WordPress. Then to install plugin click on it and add the new one and then by shortcodeexec fill it and then activate it.

To Create the Short Code:-

Now in the dashboard WordPress setting find out the shortcodeexec PHP and then click it. If here we are making the use of the widgets then put a checkbox which is near to the execute short code in widgets.

Then Find the Subscription Form:-

The HTML can give us the various subscription services like e-mail subscription, get the response etc. in its subscription form.
If the same service is offered by us over the internet then one must have to create the subscription form, one must have to sign up in that site and we can get the all information related to the topic.One must have to create a subscription form so that one can get the much information and they can deliver the content to the visitors who can visit our site.

To Create a Subscription Form Over the Website:-

Firstly, you have to launch an HTML text editor then create a new page and open thetag.

• In between

these headings, type any heading that you needed to put. By using this tag one can identify the page and the subscription word is included here.

• Make use of the

tags so that this can show us the all short description about the site.

• Then open

Tag. This tag can provide the all hyperlinks to script. Here in this tag we have the need to type the method and post .

• Then forward the email and user name enter the various text fields.
• Make use of the submit and reset button here in the text fields and then close the form tag

• After doing all things save your subscription form and make a preview over it.
• The one can create the all forms by making the input tag which can have the various attributes. These attributes can have the values in it.

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