IP or internet protocol addresses can reveal a lot about the end user. It is often the first thing that hackers and other agencies use for tracking down internet users. It is with the help of this unique IP address that a connection is established between a server and a user. An IP can reveal a lot of information about you, ranging from your internet service provider to the sites you visit, to the location from where you access the web.

As it can reveal your location, you might be refrained from accessing websites that are blocked by the Government or the organization where you work. Today, after all, most governments and organizations are blocking people from accessing different websites. For instance, many organizations block access to Facebook for its employees while many countries block access to sites like YouTube, stating that it’s against their policy.

So, what’s the solution to this problem and how can you access these sites? Hiding your IP address is a great way of escaping this. Using a Virtual Private Server is an excellent method of keeping your IP out of reach of others.

Using VPN To Hide IP

What happens when your IP is Revealed?

Just as you have a postal address that says where you reside, the IP discloses your address virtually. It is often seen that some websites are blocked by the government due to security reasons. In addition, some services on the web are exclusive to local nationals. An attempt to access them will result in an error. On the other hand, when connected to a public network, hackers can unlawfully gain access into your computer with the help of a common IP address.  All these are the repercussions of revealing your IP.

Is VPN an Effective Way of Hiding IP?

Yes. A virtual private server can hide your IP address and allow you to stay anonymous for as long as you want. When you use a VPN, the IP address of that place or geographical location is entered. The web server that you are trying to access will consider your request coming from a local server, thereby granting access to content.

This service protects your data from unauthorized access and safeguards your identity while using public networks such as internet and wifi hotspots. All you need to do is install a software application or set up a VPN connection on your Computer using an IP address of the network you wish to use.

Third-Party Software is Helpful!

If you are unsure of the IP address, install VPN software. Using VPN software will give access to the company’s dedicated servers located in various countries. Install one now and virtually reside in any country.

VPN offers security and helps you hide your IP, stopping you from being recognized and helping you access different sites.