You will certainly agree that today, science has taken the magic out of so many things. One of the few things that it barely touched was the human taste in music. When you go to an excellent music download site such as you most likely will not download the same music as the next person. Well, science has recently unveiled the mystery behind this truth. Some of these facts are surprising and some are interesting. Learning about a few main ones will help you understand better why you listen to certain music and much more. Some of these facts are:

3 Interesting Scientific Facts About Your Music Preference

1.      By adolescence, your brain seals your taste of music

Just take a second to picture how life would be if everything you said or did in your teen years carried on into adulthood. Imaging how your clothes, hair, and friends would be likely. Obviously, most people would have a terrible adult life. Fortunately, people mature and live all the childish personality behind. Nevertheless, there is one aspect that sticks with you for the rest of your life before even you hit the voting age. According to neuroscientists, this is your taste in music.

Certainly, some things are easier to learn as a kid rather than as an adult and a perfect example is language. While your brain is still developing, it creates different and new pathways to carry out all the mental functions that you will require throughout your life. At this point, any music you are exposed to from your parents, pre-school teachers and the outside world is fair game. However, by age 10, you start to be selective in what you listen to and by age 12, you start to figure out what you really want to listen to. By the time you are 14, your musical preference is pretty much sealed.

2.      Your brain is a musically conditioned addict

The brain is displays unparalleled neural magnificence. However, at its most basic level, it is an addict so to speak. Each time you do something good, your brain pats itself on the back by shooting up some dopamine to get its fix. An excellent way to get your brain to reward itself is by listening to music. The continual rewarding is what makes you want to listen to more and more music. How you are feeling when you first listen to certain music can affect whether you like the music or not. This conditioning is so powerful that once it is in your brain, you will begin to look for certain kinds of music so that your brain can switch itself to a desired emotional state.

3.      You are programmed to recognize happy and sad notes

An amazing fact about us humans is that we do not need lyrics to recognize the sound of sad or happy music. For instance, if you are watching a movie with a funeral scene, you could tell the instrumental playing on the background is sad music even when your eyes are closed. Similarly, you can tell happy music just by listening to the notes. Even people have never listened to any music before in their lives can tell this difference. You can try different mp3 downloads to prove for yourself this is true.