If you would ask me what is the toughest job in the world? I would answer your parenting.

Being a parent drains yourself to the point that you are completely exhausted. Trying to nurture your child requires not just a lot of love and care but it also requires you to be completely healthy and functional all the time that is why you should take care of yourself at the same time.


Always remember that taking care of yourself is also a way of taking care of your child.

In this article, I will provide you a list to help you not just take care of yourself but to improve yourself while you are taking care of your toddler.

Manage your time– Managing your time is essential to have a time for yourself and for your baby. Using a planner or a calendar, you should practice managing your time much preferably every hour. After you are done taking care of your baby you should spend some time for yourself whether doing yoga, jogging, having a workout or just simply relax and have a well-deserved rest after finishing your chores.

Understand your child’s needs– Not all the time your child gets what she/he wants, that should how a child should properly raise and prevent them from growing up into a stubborn and spoiled brats unlike if your child has special needs. You should learn how to handle their range of emotions, concerns, and fears if you are raising a child with special needs. For example, purchasing toddler carriers should provide comfort for both parents and the baby by looking at the quality of materials it was made of and other important aspects of determining quality.

Ask others for help– Not all parents can take care of their child 24/7 some have to go to work and spend eight hours a day at the office or at the field that is why it is important to hire a person particularly a nanny or a babysitter to fill in the needs. Make sure that before you hire, you should look into the resume and background of the people you are trying to put the trust in taking care of your baby.

Be realistic. In raising any child, there are no guarantees for success. It is important to remember to do the best you can and to know that you can’t control everything.

Trust in yourself– There are always times when exhaustion and emotions mixed in especially if you are a parent. Getting tired is normal but getting discouraged that you may not raise your kid into a good person must be erased from your mind. Trust in yourself, you are doing a good job so far, if your main concern is the welfare of your baby then you are doing a pretty good job but if you are really feeling down especially single parents out there you can always seek help from psychologists, spiritual advisers even your friends and family to cheer you up. Always remember that you are not alone in this difficult journey of parenthood. Just continue what you are doing by taking care and showing love for your baby and for sure you will raise your baby into a very good God fearing person.