What should one do on a trip to Kerala? Enjoy the scenic beauty! It’s one of the cleanest destinations in India and the natural beauty is well preserved in the State. It’s a rare sight to witness where you can take a stroll down the beach or enjoy the backwaters in a long boat for an overnight stay. The natural beauty, the slow water flowing, the people, and the cuisine make Kerala the perfect destination to visit. Ok, so now that you’re here, what are you going to do in Kerala? Well here are four amazing things to do while in Kerala

1. You can give a baby elephant a bath (Kodanad)


This one is Instagram-worthy, and it’s a great experience for the kids to bond with the largest land mammals. The elephants are gentle, happy to see you and always looking to interact with people. You can feed them, give them a nice bath and go on a ride with them across a field. They’ll even break off some vanilla plants and hand them to you, while you are almost 9-10 feet in the air on an elephant’s back. Some great moments to share with the whole family!

2 Ride the backwaters in a houseboat (Alleppey)


If you’re booking a resort or hotel in Kerala, they’ll be able to give you some great deals on a houseboat, and even guide you on how to best enjoy the experience. They usually offer a houseboat for overnight stay and have a team of staff members that cook for you as you go along the waters and relax into the windy sunshine.

3. Visit Kerala’s oldest fort (Udma)

Located 15 minutes away from The LaLiT 5-star luxury resort, The LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal, this fort is the largest fort in Kerala and is around 40 acres in area. It’s a popular tourist destination and has all the makings of a beautiful Bollywood film set. The fort was built in 1650 AD, and it was created to defend the village from any attacks. Nowadays, it’s a beautiful fort with rich history and a long lasting cultural attachment to the area. A truly remarkable place to visit – Bekal served as an important military station of Tipu Sultan when he used to lead his military expeditions.

4. See the world-famous Kerala tigers (Pathanamthitta)

kerala tigers

Nature lovers rejoice! Kerala has one of the best national parks in India and has a wonderful jungle safari for all its visitors. Periyar National Park lies in the middle of a mountainous area of the Cardamom Hills, and you have a beautiful view of the village from atop the park. You can see the Pamba River valley and take in the beauty for hours at a time. If you are booking a hotel or resort in Kerala, make sure you come here and check out the tigers of this national park.