Personal assistants provide аdmіnіѕtrаtіvе аnd clerical support to company directors and other high-level executives. Personal assistants work in most if not all industries, the PA will be responsible for a wide range of tasks such as arranging travel, writing reports and handling budgets. A PA has more responsibilities than a standard secretary and therefore he or she can command a higher salary.

The job of a PA is usually varied and so it requires a diverse skill set, a PA will usually need to be able to apply attention to detail, have good соmmunісаtіоn abilities and be computer literate. Employers may рrеfеr candidates to have an industry related degree but in most companies, a formal еduсаtіоn is not a mandatory requirement for the role of a PA.

If you are an administrator or secretary thinking of moving up the career ladder and becoming a Personal Assistant this post is for you, do you desire a better paying, more meaningful role? If you have made up your mind and decided you want to become a personal assistant, the next step is to learn how to acquire the skills you need.

A lot of institutions offer training courses designed to help men and women considering a change of career. Training can help you gain the necessary knowledge and understanding for a change in career, with training you can obtain a more satisfactory job and increase your income.

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and CPD accredited training courses are becoming extremely popular with employers and professional bodies, many professional bodies make CPD training a mandatory requirement to maintain membership. Many people take further education and training courses to improve their prospects when they are considering a career change.

Becoming A Personal Assistant

Why Take A CPD Course?

Many employers now expect their staff to complete CPD training and maintain a CPD training log, a lot provide CPD accredited courses for their staff. If you currently work in an admin or secretarial role you likely to need some training which assures your current or potential employer that you have what it takes to perform the more challenging tasks that a PA undertakes, making sure your training is CPD accredited opens up a wider array of opportunities for you.

Distance Learning

Distance learning has been opened up to a far wider audience thanks to online courses, online training has opened the realms of possibility for a lot of people. Thanks to distance learning and online training more people can now acquire the knowledge they need to progress.

There are several different kinds of CPD courses available online, from typing to shorthand, these courses can help you sharpen your skills and move up the career ladder. If you are looking to become a personal assistant a CPD training course will help to increase your confidence and your skills. A CPD accredited personal assistant diploma will provide a grounding in the skills you need to become a PA, a PA diploma course will provide you with all the skills you need to demonstrate to your current or prospective employer that you can adequately perform the role of a personal assistant.

This post was written and supplied on behalf of Souters, a provider of CPD accredited PA and secretarial courses