Jaipur is the land of mysteries, as you traverse your way through one palace after another. Jaipur’s known for its hospitality, its people and its scenic locations. They’re amazing to view, Instagram-worthy (#nofilter), and they’re something you’ll cherish for years to come. There are some unknown locations that not a lot of tourists have heard about, but once they visit here they fall in love with it immediately.

A desert city that’s truly magnanimous, Jaipur’s pink city allure is a draw for tourists around the world. It’s a heritage city and has some of the richest historical treasures that you can find anywhere in India. From its architecture to its sheer beauty, these picturesque sights are something you don’t want to miss.

If you could only visit 3 places in Jaipur, these would be the top 3 –

1. Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort

Just an amazing monument to the ideology of “kings of victory”, Jaigarh fort is a popular tourist destination that’s visited throughout the year. It was built in 1726 by Jai Singh II, and has a massive array of watchtowers and scenic viewing points. Made from pure red sandstone, the architecture of the fort is like the ancient Indo-Persian style, with a functional granary, water reserve and Vedic science architecture that was otherwise unknown to mankind.

A truly spectacular sight to see, the Jaigarh fort has been home to many artists and painters who visited to spark their inner creativity through its beauty. The fort transports you into another land, where you step into the shoes of the Maharajas and Ranis, and image what life was like for them back then. Remember to book a Jaipur hotel that near the fort, so that you can visit it again!

2. Choki Dhani

Choki Dhani

When it comes to restaurants in Jaipur, and traditional Rajasthani food, nothing beats a visit to Choki Dhani. Located 20 minutes away from The LaLiT, Jaipur, Choki Dhani is a traveller’s delight as they welcome you with open arms and insist that you try everything on their menu. It is a picturesque destination that takes you away to ancient India, into a land where culture, tradition and rich heritage paves the way for refined artistry and delicious food.

It’s a concept that wholly captures the vibrant spirit of Rajasthan, giving all travellers an authentic Rajasthani experience. The art, the music, the performers and of course the food, make you want to move here as soon as you can. The ‘manuhar’ – a delicate request to eat till your heart’s content, is a classic tourist draw that makes you feel like you’ve arrived at ‘Heaven’.

3. Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal is a thing of beauty, and is straight out of a fable or a bedtime tale. Made in the early 16th century, the glass palace is designed with royal artistry and ancient Indian materials. Sheesh Mahal offers you something that you can’t find anywhere in the world – a chance to see true beauty.

The moment that someone lights a candle, the light reflected illuminates the whole palace. Imagine that – one tiny flicker can light up an entire palace! The palace is adorned with beautiful paintings, glass sculptures and ancestral gems created for the sole amazement of those entered here. The Mahal lights up like the sky of a thousand stars, and it makes for an amazing experience for travellers looking for something they can remember for generations. The love for a Queen, made the King give her stars in daytime. Such is the beauty of Sheesh Mahal.