Among the many decisions that go into planning a wedding, selection of the wedding and engagement rings is frequently one of the few that starts in the groom’s court.

Perhaps a holdover from the tradition in which the bride’s father pays for the wedding, brides often prefer to pick out the flowers, dresses, decorations and other key elements of the ceremony. However, the entire planning process typically begins with presentation of a diamond engagement ring chosen by the groom. For couples who wish to wear complimentary or matching ring styles, this narrows the field somewhat, as the engagement ring serves as the basis for the remaining decisions.

With this in mind, hopeful soon-to-be husbands should keep the following considerations in mind when browsing for the ring that symbolizes their commitment to forever.

An Engagement Ring should be a Good Fit

Yes, it’s obvious that the engagement ring you select for your beloved should be the correct size to fit her ring finger. But you also want to consider her personality and style preferences.

She’s going to wear her wedding ring, and possibly the engagement ring as well if they’re a set, every day for the rest of her life. You’ll see many exquisite rings that are stunning to look at, but take a moment to ask yourself not just if she’ll like it, but if she’ll want to wear it. Every day.

  • Does the style fit her fashion sense? Will the ring make a statement about who she is?
  • Is the ring heavy? Will wearing it all day and night be comfortable?
  • If she’s particularly active, is the diamond setting secure enough?
  • Will the band metal complement her skin tone or the colors she likes to wear?
  • If she works with her hands, will the ring be easy to clean?

While it is important to look for a ring that will make her gasp when she sees it, you also want to demonstrate to her that you’ve taken your intimate knowledge of her lifestyle and preferences into account.

An Engagement Ring should bring you together

Assuming you plan to wear matching or similar wedding rings, the engagement ring you select should pair nicely with something you will want to wear every day for the rest of your life. Take into consideration metal type and color, embellishments, engravings and other factors that may have matching options in the ring she places on your finger.

If either of you has metal allergies, you’ll want to consider a set of rings made of hypoallergenic metals, such as cobalt, titanium, or tungsten. Platinum, palladium, and stainless steel are also good options if metal allergies are a concern.

If you wish to give her a diamond engagement ring, consider whether she’ll want a separate wedding band for everyday wear or if she’ll sport both at once. This will help determine what both bands will look like and whether you’ll want diamonds or gemstones set into one or both of your rings.

An Engagement Ring should be Special

While it goes without saying that the ring you choose to present the love of your life will always have special significance, no matter what it’s made of and regardless of its aesthetic features, you also want to select a ring that is like no other.

Remember, just because she’s mentioned she likes a friend’s or sister’s ring, that doesn’t mean she wants one just like it. She’ll want something unique and distinctly hers. She’ll be showing her engagement ring to everyone she knows throughout the engagement, and she’ll want to feel confident that nobody is going to bring up awkward comparisons to other girls’ rings.

Even if you don’t have the funds or the skills to design a custom engagement ring for your bride-to-be, consider all the style options before you – including metal type and color, setting options, gemstone selection, and diamond or gem shape – and choose something with its own distinct character.


As a groom, you may not have much control over the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses or the ratio of roses to baby’s breath in the bouquet, but you bear a great responsibility when it comes to the most enduring symbol of your union – the wedding and engagement rings.

Long after the ceremony is over, your rings will still be permanent fixtures in your lives. Whether you stick to tradition and propose with a diamond engagement ring or you decide to mix it up a little and surprise her with something less conventional, make sure you take her lifestyle and personality into account, consider how the ring choice might influence your own wedding band style, and make a point to shop around until you find the one ring that stands above all the rest to represent your lifelong promise.


While dresses and flowers brighten up your wedding day, it’s the wedding and engagement rings that remain permanent fixtures in your lives. When shopping for a ring to present to your beloved, whether it’s a diamond engagement ring or something less traditional, consider these factors to ensureyour selection is right, not only during the engagement but for life.

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