The Google is committed to making the website ranking on the search engine result page as neutral as possible. That is why after every some month, the Google launch its updates to make sure only those website got listed which are continuously working on their websites under the guidelines of the Google and better response from the searchers. If we enclosed the entire SEO in a nutshell, we could say that SEO is the name of making no mistakes in the marketing of your website for Google SERP. To make no mistakes, it is important to know about the practices which Google count as SEO mistakes.

These mistakes also change with the updates of the Google. The number of mistakes increases with every SEO update because Google set new parameters with every update and if someone does anything outside those parameters, then he or she is making a mistake regarding SEO which can get its website penalized by the Google. That is why after the last Google update, there are some new things got added in the mistakes list which is very important to know for every SEO guy.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you about those ten SEO mistakes that no one should be making in 2017.

  1. Writing for the Google spider:

They say that content is the king. That is why you have to respect the king and only write relevant content to your business. One of the biggest mistake that the SEO people cannot afford this year is to write content for the search engine. The Google crawler now is smart enough to identify either the content is written for the Google or for the human. The Google do not rank any website high whose content is wrote only for the search engine by stuffing the keywords instead for the help of the user. The Google is very sensitive to making its search results better for its users that is why you should be careful about it.

  1. Content is enough for optimization:

It doesn’t matter if you hire the George R.R Martin to write content for you. Your website still is not going to get optimized till you do a formal link building. The link building is important for the optimization of every website. Although the Google is not focusing a lot on the off-page link building but still you have to do some in order to optimize your page. You also have to concentrate on internal linking of the page to keep the crawler engaged with your content of the website.

  1. Using the broken links:

No one include the broken links on his website. They just come up due to the frequent changes in the website which is mandatory too to show the Google that you are actively working on your website to make it better with the time. Due to internal linking, constant changes in in design and back-end of the website are the most common reasons which cause these broken links. So next time when you do changes to your website so make sure you are not leaving any broken link in it.

  1. Guest Posting on the low or unranked websites:

Guest posting is one of the practice of off-page SEO. It is the job of the link builder to publish its website links to as many places on the internet as possible so it comes in the crawling of the Google spider again and again. It is a good way to make your website prominent in front of the Google. However posting your content on the website which is a low ranked or even not in the SERP of Google is not a good idea. The Google leverage only those guest posts which are published on the websites which have good domain authority. Posting on the websites which have very low domain authority is not a good practice and it can stop your website from hitting the top seat on the Google SERP.

  1. Ignoring the Internal Linking:

Another on-page SEO mistake that most of the SEO people are committing in 2017. Internal linking is very important for the optimization of the website. It works like a gates for the Google spider and help it to crawl your website as quick as possible. However too much internal linking is also not good so you have to rationalize it.

  1. Not promoting the content:

Content writer is not only for writing the content of your website or writing guest posts for you. You also have to promote his work on different platform. You are doing the right thing by publishing your blogs on different platforms but do not forget sharing it on other platforms too. You can choose the social media websites for sharing your guest posts or even internal blogs. You have to promote the content related to your website and if you are not doing it then you are committing a mistake.

  1. Ignoring the External Linking:

Those SEO people who doesn’t read much or are outdated with the updates of the Google would stop you adding any link to someone else’s website on your website. This is the mistake that they are doing with their websites and you might be doing too but you have to stop it now. The external linking is likeable by the Google crawler. Google like informative website and by linking any relevant and high domain authority website link is ideal for the SERP ranking of the website in 2017.

  1. Excessive focus on Social Media:

Social media can create significant effects in the traffic building aspect for your website but focusing too much on social media for SEO purposes is a mistake which you should avoid. Since the social media websites provide no-follow links that’s why you should stick to your traditional method of link building.

  1. Non-Responsive Website:

Your target audience may not be a mobile users but that doesn’t mean you should not have a responsive website. You must have a responsive website because without it, the Google would never allow it to be rank on its first page of SERP no matter how efficient SEO you do to it.

  1. I don’t need image tags:

Yes, you need image tags because it is another place where you can use your keywords. Remember the Google crawler is always hungry for the quality content, and the right use of the keywords and the image tags are the great places to incorporate your keyword in the content of image tags.

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