The idea of marketing your business can be overwhelming, especially if your advertising budget is small. The good news is, however, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars like the big dogs to draw in new business, especially in the information age.

Here are six low-cost ways to advertise your business:

1. Create Awesome Content

Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Small Business

If your business has a website, it’s important to keep it up to date by posting new content a few times per month on a blog. This shouldn’t be a 300-word sales pitch, either. By generating good content, this can create relationships, bring in new visitors and even capture leads. Consider using Google’s keyword planner tool to get some content ideas to show you what people are searching for.

2. Contribute an Article

Advertising on popular websites could cost you thousands of dollars; however, if you were to be a guest author, you may be able to write an intriguing piece for free. A lot of websites out there are looking for guest authors to create compelling content for them. In exchange, you will be able to add your business name in your author byline or even within the article. Every website will have its own policy, but as long as you’re able to get a link back to your website, this is great for creating relationships, SEO purposes and drawing in traffic when they click on your link.

3. Join LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Small Business

Consider becoming an industry expert on popular Facebook and LinkedIn groups. As the groups notice you know what you’re talking about, some may reach out to you to help them with their own efforts. Also, from time to time, as long as the post allows it, you may be able to reference to your business, drawing in valuable targeted traffic. If you feel there isn’t a good group in your industry, consider creating your own group, but if you do, try to make it informative, not an advertisement for your business.

4. Get Free PR with HARO

Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Small Business

HARO, which stands for Help a Reporter Out, will send a few emails every day with a list of reporters who are looking for people to answer their questions. This list, which is extremely popular among entrepreneurs, will primarily list reporters from media outlets most of us have heard of. Joining the list is free, and if you feel you can help any of the reporters on the list, send them an email to see if you can help. Most of the time, they will be more than happy to cite your business when they create their piece.

5. Participate in Local Contests

Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Small Business

If you have a smaller brick and mortar business, see if your local community is offering any contests or prizes. For less than $50, it’s a great way to get your name in the community and offer a great prize at the same time. To find these contests, either search online or visit your local Chamber of Commerce. If there are no contests, consider creating your own.

6. Take Advantage of Video Marketing

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Creating informative short videos can improve your search engine visibility and even drive in new leads. All you will need a simple camera, some basic editing skills, and you can get started in less than five minutes. Like creating your blog content, be sure to create an informative video people will want to share, and don’t forget to add a small watermark in the corner with your business name and logo.

Applying these low-cost marketing strategies are sure to allow your business to grow if done properly. No matter how small or large your budget is, these methods can be applied to any market strategy.