High-tech inventions quickly become a thing of the past, and the auto industry is no exception. Cars are constantly being upgraded for safety, usefulness, and entertainment or just because they can. Here are 10 inventions for cars that are likely to be seen in the future.

Car to Car Communication

Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) is being developed to help reduce collisions on the road. Your car will receive a signal from another car that is directly in your way and automatically apply the brakes or warn you of a possible collision.

Car to Building

Testing is also in progress for vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication, so your car will not hit road signs, traffic signals and other things. North Shore Driving School Ltd. and other quality driving schools will provide instructions for all these innovations.

Leave the Driving to the Car

Self-driving cars are being tested that use radar, lasers and cameras to analyze the surroundings faster than a human can. They see traffic lights, view road signs and find alternative routes better than human drivers.

Reality is not Enough

GPS systems are in most cars and some even have displays on the windshield, but in the future, Augmented Reality (AR) dashboards will display information on the windshield such as the speed of the car will cause a collision with a nearby car.


Airbags are already in just about every nook and cranny of the modern vehicle, but they are being tested to be outside too, and possibly stop the vehicle before it collides with a car or something else.

10 Future Car Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

Body Batteries

Hybrids are great for the environment, but the batteries are heavy and need a lot of space. Research is being done to create body panels that store energy and even charge faster than today’s lithium-ion batteries.

Flying Cars

Many people think flying cars are, basically, hoaxes and unfounded claims, but NASA is still seriously working on the possibilities of antigravity, and there is other serious research on a car that functions as an airplane.

Airless Tires

Tires that will never deflate do exist, but they have not yet reached the production stage.

Cars grow on Trees

Research is being done to create a car that grows out of a seed. It uses solar power to run and releases oxygen into the air.

Biodegradable Interiors

Car parts and seat cushions, headrests and glove compartments made from coconuts, soy products, wheat straw and carrots.

Even though they are essential for modern life, cars are also a lot of fun, and it looks like they will be getting even more fun in the future.