Have you ever wandered what it would be like to work as a mystery shopper? Ever thought would the role be right for you?

Mystery shopping companies hire workers on a self-employed basis, so although there is no guarantee of how often you will work, the flexibility may suit you and your lifestyle. Mystery shopping is something that you can do to supplement your main income.

Mystery shoppers must have the ability to follow instructions precisely. Each client has specific instructions that they need to have followed. There is no room for even the smallest error when you are working as a mystery shopper.

Some acting skills and experience would be of an advantage to you if you are interested in doing mystery shopping work.  Keep in mind that a mystery shopper must always look and act like an “average” customer whilst remaining focused on the assignment. This work ethic must be kept in mind at all times if you are going to be successful in this line of work.

Having an eye for detail is also a must when working as a mystery shopper. Don’t forget that you are being paid to observe certain things, as well as make a purchase. The more accurate you can be in your observations, the more valuable your information will be to the company. You will find it beneficial if you organise each of your assignments by date. This way, you know which shops you are supposed to be working at on each day; by doing this, you will eliminate the risk of accidentally forgetting one of your shops. What may also help you with your organisation skills, is to keep separate folders for each company you perform mystery shops for. By remaining organised, if a problem were to arise, it will be easily accessible.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Mystery Shopper

Always remain reliable. It will benefit you in the long run. The main point to remember when working as a mystery shopper is sticking to your word, and performing the shops you take on. If you do not perform your mystery shop assignment on the exact day that you have been scheduled for, you risk your shop being cancelled and it becoming invalid. Mystery Shopping should be done because the worker finds it enjoyable. Many companies use Mystery Shopping results as way of reviewing employees and management.

Mystery Shopping is serious research. Workers should always forward plan and prepare themselves properly before conducting every assignment. Since every program is unique to a specific Client, it is important that the shoppers read the evaluation criteria carefully for each new shop they complete. Mystery shopping is one way of a company assessing whether your team are delivering customer service to the required high standards, and is by far the most effective way.

Always bear in mind, the more shops you complete assignments for, the easier they become! You will get the hang of posing problems and creating situations for mystery shops and will gradually become more comfortable in the role.

Lenny Wilkingson