Last week I was talking to a client who is a Victoria massage therapist about online marketing and SEO. I’ve done a great job of improving their rankings for a bunch of different keywords. But they wanted to learn about how to drive more targeted traffic to their websites.

As you are aware as a business owner, the most challenging aspect of any business is growing and getting more clients. Both of these issues are directly tied to marketing. Marketing can be daunting and it is difficult to understand how to effectively market a business online these days.

Sure, there is social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But without any content, posting and keeping your community’s attention on those sites is rather difficult. That’s where content marketing can come in handy. Not only for social media updates, but for SEO.

Content Marketing In SEO and Social Media

When I say content marketing, I mean blogging or creating high quality videos to attract visitors to your website.

These two formats don’t require much time to execute. But they do require a lot of time in developing a useful content strategy. You don’t want to be wasting time on things people are not searching for.

I always point out the obvious to clients. If people are asking you questions during meetings or appointments, many other people are asking those same questions. And they are asking those questions to the internet and more specifically Google.

To relate this to a physiotherapist Victoria, they should be writing down questions their current clients are asking them. The next step would be to start answering the question by creating a blog post. They would have to be sure to focus on creating a page title that is the question so people can easily find it when searching. This is where the SEO and content marketing tie together.

They could then post this to their social media accounts. It’s useful information that current and potential clients will engage with and read. This is where content marketing and social media mix.

Another way to capitalize and create content that people are searching for, is by creating pages that talk about your pricing. I notice more and more people are searching for prices for all of my client services. I know this because I can see people are searching terms like “how much do marble countertops cost in Victoria”.

So I see that and tell my client that they need to write a blog post that talks about how much marble countertops cost.

Pretty easy, right? It takes some time, but all you have to do to develop a proper content strategy is to listen to the questions your current and potential clients as you on a daily basis. Then you must answer those questions by creating content!