Skin discoloration is something that continues to bother many on a daily basis due to their high visibility and they tend to attack areas that cannot be hidden such as your face even with cosmetics. Treatment and means to remove and eliminate the blemishes from your skin, you have to have the basic reasons of the cause of skin discoloration. This will ensure that you protect your skin and limit your chances of acquiring skin pigmentations. In addition, you can avoid practicing those habits that increases the chances of you acquiring discoloration on your skin and replace them with better or safer habits for your skin. Here are some of the top 5 habits that lead to skin discoloration on a daily basis.

1. Cooking and Sitting in the Sun

Heat is a major cause for skin pigmentation. Cooking and sitting in the sun whether it is at the beach or in the mountains, the two produce excessive heat that penetrates the skin. Heat burns and penetration may cause the skin to dry out resulting in skin breakouts. After the skin heals, some spots are left behind resulting in discoloration and an uneven toned complexion. You are advised to apply protective and preventive measures against excessive exposure to sunshine such as sunscreen and protect yourself from intense heat when cooking. Also, the sauna, steam rooms and hot yoga routines or practices frequency should be reduced or stopped altogether.

2. Bleaching and Hair Color

Bleaching is a process that involves the use of chemicals to lighten your skin color. This does not mean that it is 100% proof and no side effects are involved. However, the bleaching process does lighten, dark spots or pigments but they are left behind and some are quite visible and indicate you bleached your skin. Similar to bleaching, hair colors work on the same principle when being used to bleach your hair. If the chemicals come into contact with your skin, a similar effect is seen where it affects the contact areas discoloring them.If it essential for you to bleach your hair or skin, it is then essential to know the product being used and chemicals present in it. This will assist in identifying a product with the safest chemicals or ingredients even though safety is not guaranteed.

3. Beauty Products

Beauty products such as cosmetics incorporate our daily skin care routine. Little do we know that they might be the very cause of skin discoloration.Cosmetics, perfumed beauty products with strong fragrances and not knowing your skin type products are some of the causes of skin discoloration. In addition, people tend to go with pricing of cosmetics instead of quality and trust placed on a specific brand. This results in bad skin care products and the skin protects itself in form of discoloration. Furthermore, understanding your skin is a step towards getting rid of discoloration and strong fragrances cause breakouts, allergies, irritation, inflammation etc, which can be avoided by knowing what makes your skin tick.

4. Hormonal Imbalance

Internal body factors such as hormonal imbalances result of medical conditions a person may be suffering from are some of the causes of skin discoloration. Causes of hormonal imbalance include taking birth control pills, diet pills, supplements etc, and these cause changes in our body processes leading to pigmentations. Medical treatments have a similar effect and medical conditions such as liver diseases, kidney dysfunctions and thyroid disorder can result in pigmentations. Avoiding such medications and practices that affect your body’s hormones is a way to remove pigments on the skin. However, their presence can also indicate medical conditions that you should have checked and examined by a physician.

5. Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst habits that affect the health of your skin in adverse ways.This is mainly due to the amount of toxins that are exposed to your skin if you are a smoker. In addition, it reduces the number or antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants are essential to the skin as the promote skin cell renewal, nourishment and above all ensure your skin remains healthy at all times. The reduction of these elements in the skin leads to skin blemishes and intense pigmentations that are hard and difficult to get rid of. Smoking is a habit that you should quit even before you start.


It is quite clear that we and we are solely to blame for the high pigmentations, dark spots and skin discoloration. This is mainly due to our awful habits that seemed okay in our eyes. It is about time that we changed these habits and alternatively take up new habits designed to correct and maintain our skin health.