Australia, the place famous for its beautiful and magnificent natural sceneries, art and culture is always considered to be the first choice whenever it comes to spending vacations and enjoying short leisure stay. It is best known for attracting tourists from all over the world. With so much of development in the recent times in various sectors, tall buildings and skyscrapers, lower crime rate and the pleasant climate, this country is also becoming a dream home for many of the Indian families. In the search for a better lifestyle and less polluted environment, almost 5 lakh people every year file an application in order to obtain visa for Australia from India.

All That You Require For Australia Migration from India

Why do people choose Australia for long term stays?

There may be different reasons depending from person to person for this, but for Indians it has always been one of the favorite countries to plan their relocation. It hardly matters that which state or territory you are planning to live in, the people there will always give you the best support they can to make you feel comfortable at the new place. They will always try to make the surroundings homely for the new residents. Another reason for choosing this country can be the Australian government. The government too makes the country shifting easy by not imposing any restrictions or constraints on the migrants. It has designed a special visa program through which people who have good skills and abilities can apply for living permanently in the country. So if you are one of those planning to migrate to this beautiful country, then in this article you will find all that you need for the process.

Permanent Resident (PR) visa and how to get it?

Firstly, a visa is what you will need in order to enter the country. But since your purpose is staying permanently in Australia, you will need a Permanent Resident visa or the PR visa. For those who know nothing about this kind of visa, a PR visa is a permit issued by the government to the eligible candidates which gives them permission to stay, work and settle in Australia without any restrictions. After this the next question that arises is how to get the PR visa? Now for this, the process has certain stages-

  • Skill assessment of the person applying as per the Australian standards is done.
  • Online profile creation of the person that contains all the details about them follows.
  • The profile is then sent to the pool of applicants for further selection purpose.
  • The sorting is done and the profile with highest score is invited to apply for the visa.
  • 90 days time is given to make the PR application and a certain amount of fee has to be paid along with it.
  • Medical certificates and related documents of the applying candidates are produced and submitted.
  • The final step is the visa approval of visa.

After you obtain the visa for your Australia migration from India, many benefits await you to enjoy the stay as permanent residents of the country. So follow these steps accordingly and get your visa made for your relocation.