If you are bored of your car and planning to replace your old beauty with a new one, then think again. What if we tell you that you can get a new car without spending much? Let the excitement build up. Here is the trick: just get your car painted. Yes, why to spend so much of money to buy a new car when you are just bored of the old one? Why not give the old one a new look and save the money?

Now, if you are convinced about getting your car repainted, then few things need your serious consideration. This idea can flop majorly, if you do not find the paint matching the present color of your car. Therefore, explore around and find a body repair shop in Los Angeles. A good repair shop will get the job done for you in an excellent way.

Important Things To Consider While Deciding To Get Your Car Repainted

Here are few things for you to consider while making the decision to repaint your car:

It is an Expensive Affair

Certainly, the cost of repainting the car is lot cheaper than buying a new one. However, it is still an expensive affair. You would definitely not want to spoil the look of the car by getting some cheap painter work on it. Rather, look for a good repair shop that can do the job for a good price. Have your finances planned beforehand to avoid any hassle later on.

You need to give Time

Remember, that car painting is a time taking job. You can’t expect to take the car to repair shop in the morning and bring it back in the evening with a brand new color. Therefore, plan your time accordingly. The paint shop will have to take everything out of the car in order to fully change the color of the vehicle.

For an extensive new color, the mechanic will also remove the engine and other important parts. This will require time. This is also one of the reasons why a good paint shop will charge you extra for genuine work. Consider the effort that goes inside and you are sure to not to question him on the amount he will be charging you.

Requires a Lot of Effort

In order to do a proper repainting of the car, the mechanic will first completely remove the old paint. There should not be any traces of the old color on the car or else the new coating on the old one can make the car look real ugly. After the old paint is removed, he will fix the dents. He will make sure that there aren’t any dents or imperfections on the body.

A lot of sanding work will be required for this. The person will then remove wax and clear coat. He will then scuff up the old surface followed by applying a base primer coat. Once the primer is dried up, the new paint will be applied. There will be almost 3-4 coats to give that glossy look to your car which you wanted.

The whole thing takes lot of time, effort and money. Therefore, think wisely before deciding to paint the car.